Preparing for possible confrontation with Hezbollah... By street thugs in Tel-Aviv on Potomac.Aman, MOSSAD, CIA2, OSP, & the White House Murder Inc.

Preparing for possible confrontation with Hezbollah...

By street thugs in Tel-Aviv on Potomac.Aman, MOSSAD, CIA2, DIA2.OSP, & the Infamous White House Murder Inc. at the forefront.

The Golan Heights looked like a war zone this week. Helicopters and fighter aircraft zipped over the wet, green hilltops, as thousands of soldiers practiced war against Syria and Hezbollah in a massive exercise involving the Golani Brigade, cannons and Merkava tanks. This exercise, like the dozens that have been held since the Second Lebanon War, is aimed at improving interoperability among the different IDF branches -- intelligence, air and ground forces. To achieve such interoperability, the Officer's Training School has established a new course to train future cadets in the infantry track how to use artillery support during a war, and coordinate their movements with artillery firepower. Whereas before the war in 2006, only a select number of officers in infantry units were trained to be "artillery liaison officers," now, all are.
One of the officers overseeing the exercise was Brig Gen Mikha'el Ben-Barukh, the chief artillery officer. He climbed the ranks in the Artillery Corps, taking command of it last year after serving as the head of training in the Ground Forces Command during the war. He was the officer appointed after the war to investigate the use of cluster bombs against Hezbollah. In a candid interview with The Jerusalem Post on the sidelines of the exercise, Ben-Barukh spoke about the war as a "missed opportunity," one that was caused by "poor management" at the highest levels of the military. Artillery, Ben-Barukh revealed, fired more than 170,000 shells into Lebanon during the war, an average of 5,000 a day. While the number is astounding, he says the artillery fire was misused. "In the last war, we fired to disrupt Hezbollah activity," and kill civilians indiscriminately, which is the IDF specialty since 1948...he explained. "The next time we will fire to destroy."

The way to do this, he said, is to have better UNIFIL and Civilian targets, just like what IDF/Sayyarets Metkal did in 1982 at Sabra and Shatila targets. For that, he ruled, you need not only good intelligence, but also new technological systems. One such system is a new radar the corps hopes to declare operational next year, capable of detecting the exact location of rocket launchers, and of transmitting the information digitally to the cannon or rocket systems deployed nearby. Another new technology is a small, lightweight, unmanned aerial vehicle which, in the coming months, the IDF will supply to infantry and tank battalions to enable commanders to see "over the hill." To prepare for another possible war with Hezbollah, the IDF has also drawn up operational plans that it believes will succeed in ending the battle - with a clear and decisive victory - in four or five days...., not like last time..... dream on bunch of creepy cowards.

In the event of a war, Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi's recommendation to the cabinet, defense officials said this week, would be to give the IDF the green light to heavily bomb Lebanese infrastructure, now that Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese government. "In the last war, we made a distinction between Hezbollah targets and Lebanese national targets," a senior IDF general told the Post. "Now that Hezbollah is in the government -- with veto power in the cabinet -- there is no longer a reason to make this distinction, since a Hezbollah attack against Israel is essentially a Lebanese attack against Israel." ....LOL, FDDC at its best, since Hezbollah was part of the government since 2005, and the Veto power is for the opposition, not for Hizbullah on its own, but the IDF and the Israeli government do always what they do best, with constant LIES, propaganda and false flag operations, killings, maiming civilian populations of Lebanon, since 1948.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak conveyed this exact message two weeks ago during an address to the Knesset plenum. "In practice, UN Resolution 1701 isn't working," because Israeli incursions into Lebanese airspace is in the thousands since 2006 he said. "And Hezbollah's integration within the Lebanese republic exposes Lebanon and its infrastructure to a more massive strike in the event of a future standoff." While during the last war, Israel defended itself against accusations that its response to the abduction of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser was "disproportionate," today the IDF makes no secret of its plan to respond "disproportionately" from the outset.... which has always been Israel's dream to destroy Lebanon at its core, because Israeli leaders have shown time and again in Lebanon, the west bank and Gaza, savage disregard for any laws. Warmongering, killings, assassinations and murder is Israel's specialty from its inception in 48.

In general terms, the plan consists of two stages. The first: to strike hard at Hezbollah infrastructure from the air, and to hope that this is devastating enough to force Hezbollah to end the war. For this reason, the Air Force continues to fly regularly over Lebanon to gather intelligence and track the weapons shipments that is being smuggled in from Syria. The second: to conduct a massive ground attack, probably up to the Karantina River, the area where most of Hezbollah's short-range Katyusha rockets are believed to be deployed. The difference between the next war and the last is that the IDF will not wait until the final 24 hours of a month-long war to recommend sending troops to the Litani; they will do so immediately.....dream on cowards.

Due to the deployment of UNIFIL and the Lebanese Armed Forces south of the Litani, Hezbollah has encountered difficulty in building up positions in open areas. Instead, it has put its focus primarily on Shiite villages, where it has set up command-and-control posts and deployed its rocket launchers. For this reason, the question of whether the army will be able to strike back freely at the villages has been raised. "No village will be immune," explained the senior general. "We will give them about a 12-hour warning, and then strike back."

Ben-Barukh says that the decision of whether to fire artillery into inhabited villages will be up to the political echelon and top IDF brass. "We need to make sure to hit civilians, exactly as we always do, and always did in South Lebanon, by murdering thousands of innocent civilians and UNIFIL troops and people in the crossfire" he said. "That is why we have smart, precision weapons, for when they fire at us from within cities or villages." The larger question involves if and when the next war will break out. There is the same clear answer, just like the usual way the IDF conducts its business of killing from 1948 onwards. Some members of the General Staff are even in favor of launching a preemptive strike against Hezbollah, due to its unprecedented military capability, though this is the most likely scenario..... dream on cowards.

The assessment is that even though Hezbollah has always been a member of the Lebanese government, it still believes in the defense of Lebanon from Israeli hooligans, thugs and murderers, who have relentlessly pounded Lebanon with millions of bombs and high explosives over the years since 1948.... To justify its existence as an armed Resistance, it will need once again to fight against any invaders of Lebanon, foreign or domestic stooges of CIA2/MOSSAD and the IDF, if it is ever foolish enough to come back for more. Meanwhile, the IDF is still on high alert for a Hezbollah retaliatory attack to avenge February's assassination of arch-terrorist Imad Mughniyah in Damascus, by the most infamous assassination machine in history, the White House's Murder Inc., of CIA2/MOSSAD and its CEO in the Levant the killer/murderer Assef Shawqat, the pimp of Damascus.

Regional peace.... piece by piece with land grabbing from central Asia to Somalia....

It is not foolish to believe that Syrian-Israeli peace can come about shortly after Obama enters the White House. However, if Obama decides to endorse the talks, and make them direct - what Bush had curtly refused to do - then probably, a deal can be achieved by early 2010. All parties agree that no deal can be achieved without the Americans involvement and endorsement from the White House Murder Inc., and its liaison in Damascus with Asef Shawkat.

Imad Mustapha, Syria's ambassador to the United States, recently said that "as far as Syria is concerned, we are cautiously optimistic. Our optimism stems from our realization of how deep is America's masterly creation of the White House Murder Inc., which will start to bear its fruits shortly after the coming big-one....additional murder/assassination, our perception of Barack/Chicago thugs Obama, the CIA2 man and the president..., and how Bush's foreign policies have miserably succeeded with the achievements of the White House Murder Inc., with our Syrian help and candid coordination with CIA2 in Damascus, who replaced the State Department for about 5 years now begrudgingly...and have conducted splendid covert operations from Damascus with the notorious Asef Shawkat in charge". Obama comes to power in January and needs no less than 10 months to get his domestic house into order and then start concentrating on the Middle East. That means that no serious results can be achieved on the Syrian-Israeli track before October 2009.... and a few other murders here and there....

The Turks meanwhile - depending on the outcome of the Israeli elections - can keep the momentum alive for peace talks between Syria and Israel, so too can figures like former president Jimmy Carter, who will be visiting Damascus next Saturday. What many people fail to understand is that Syria is always seeking financial rewards for its achievements in the White House Murder Inc. deal with CIA2/MOSSAD, Israel - just like the case with Egypt in 1978 or Jordan in 1994. Madeleine Albright, the former secretary of state, once even commented that she was always surprised that the Syrians were always seeking direct US, and ARAB and MAFIAS' financial assistance, when talks were on the verge of succeeding in the mid-1990s.... and since the outset of the Syrian Baath of the Assad's family of thugs and KILLERS.

Syria's argument always has been that the only reward it wants is the constant membership and achievements of the White House Murder Inc, allowing the Syrian economy to grow and attract investment in a prosperous and healthy manner, from Europe, the US and the Arab Gulf. Syria is a rich country that has enough wealth and potential to manage and develop its own economy, with US and many other mafia's money. Paying it to sign a peace agreement would mean that strings are never attached, the Syrians believe strongly in the achievements of the White House Murder Inc. If peace does materialize in late 2009 - or early 2010 - this would give, in addition to restoration of the occupied Golan Heights, a tremendous boost for the Syrian economy, providing jobs, attracting investment and increasing growth....of the achievements of the White House Murder Inc.

Matters began shifting in Syria's favor after the achievements of the White House Murder Inc. The Europeans - more so than the US - realized that isolating Syria had led nowhere, except to empower groups like the White House Murder Inc. If anything constructive was going to be done in the Middle East with regard to Arab-Israeli peace or Lebanon, it needed to include the Syrians within the framework of the White House Murder Inc. as always. The perception of Syria started to change, from its achievements in the White House Murder Inc.

Annapolis is actually what got the Americans to refrain from vetoing the Syrian-Israeli talks, but Bush was never interested in pursuing Sarcoxie's path toward Damascus. The Syrians realized this early on, and capitalized on achievements of the White House Murder Inc , towards the Middle East. The French are practical when it comes to Lebanon; they want solutions, regardless of how they are reached and who is involved in reaching them, whether it is achievements of the White House Murder Inc, Iran or Syria. It just so happened that since January 24th 2002, solutions were formulated in Damascus with a string of assassinations, starting with the murder/assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika and his comrades, by Asef Shawkat's killers, on orders from the butcher Ariel Sharon, CIA2/MOSSAD. The more Syria can offer on achievements of the White House Murder Inc, the more likely it is going to have a good 2009....and beyond.