"God picks the most beautiful flowers for his garden," . "He sees him as an angel."

In Lebanon's Fields
John McPeak, 24-01-2002

In Lebanon's fields the Resistance blow
Between the crosses, row on row
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Heroes. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Lebanon's fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though Resistance grows
In Lebanon's fields.

The short dimension is that the last report of Judge Detlev Mehlis listed eighteen suspects, and Brammertz, who is working for his CIA masters, failed to address that list negatively or positively throughout two years...., in order to help obfuscate the truth of the White House Murder Inc., and plant False CIA/MOSSAD evidence on the crime scene, and fabricated cell phone records in the investigation.... He also failed to present any indictment of any person that is a suspect in the investigation....in order to protect all the participants in the infamous White House Murder Inc., He produced reports in which he expressed gratefulness to the Syrian government of murderers, in order to protect all the participants in the infamous White House Murder Inc., when it was evident that the Syrian government was opposed to the international investigation, and continues to be opposed to the international investigation....in order to protect all the US, Israeli and Lebanese participants in the infamous White House Murder Inc.,together with Maher ASSAD and Assef Shawkat, the CEO of the White House Murder Inc.,and the "2 CIA Generals..." The other 2 Generals were mere Syrian tools....and handy men....

"God picks the most beautiful flowers for his garden," . "He sees him as an angel."


"whomever has the Highest Alter, he will surely be the victor....."

"whomever has the Highest Alter, he will surely be the victor.[see all the way down the blog]"

So far the middle kingdom run by Godfather
Emperor Hu Jintao has stated their arm trade
with Sudan is only 8% of Sudanese military
expenditures. The other 92% are likely
European countries Russia , and Iran...
& Israel.?


The term president Bush uses is' genocide of Sudanese people....'

The cause for this conflict run deeper.
It's oil....Energy, the under developed
oil resources in Africa can keep USA running
for another two centuries. Unfortunately China
has roared ahead in Africa. oil corporations
such as chevron etc. were out bid by China...
particularly in Africa....

USA wanted Iraq to secure its supply and
survival. USA despite all its technical
advancement, without oil.... it's the
economy "stupid"....that would tumble...
America uses 20 million barrels per day
while China uses 7.6 million barrels.
So it's competition that will take these
2 nations head to,...head...? Or may be
the PNAC's line items.... will extend all
the way to Russia , China and Old Europe....?
To Africa and the Americas...Leaving the Kiwis ,
the Avocados farms, and sheep farms down
under to fend for themselves....?

America controls the Sea lanes, so it
could in theory block China's main
Energy Sea Routes, lanes and highways....
So to counter this problem, China is
energy pipelines from Russia , central

In this century, it is the energy 'wars' that
will start in two places central Asia with
large gas, oil reserves for sale at 100$ per
In African countries which have oil such Chad,
Sudan,Libya Nigeria,Ghana,Angola,Namibia. the
Middle East and Central Asia regions process
high grade Gas/oil.

USA imports about 2/3 of it's oil needs...
while China imports at this stage 1/4 ,
which will increase to 1/2.. the Asians want
to live the good comfortable life... so more
demand for Oil and Gas, exponentially...

So will the proposed pipes from central
Asia running through Afghanistan materialize?


Just like the Azerbaijan Baku to Ceyhan /Turkey
pipes are now operational....?


Iraq has about 6$ trillion worth of oil
which is now securely under USA occupation/
control. USA has also built several bases
in Iraq and revamped existing bases in
Afghanistan. All bases are well equipped to
deter potential foes such as Iran, china or

OPEC is slowly pushing for diverse "oil $"
currency, away from the Petro Dollars...
We know USA prints so much of this $,
so other stupid countries use it to buy oil
from Saudi Arabia etc.

I.e. if you buy a Honda from the Japanese
in $ , the japes' buy Russian or Saudi oil
with your $, and the Saudi use that same
$ to buy American goods.... and the cycle
begins again...? for how long?

Where is this heading...? China and USA
are on a collision course... Neither is
prepared to share... Energy supplies/
resources or its various traditional
transportation routes.... which require
a "Tax" for the USA PIMPS.... who are
DEMANDING a Ransom from all parties....
for decades to come, "they Think"....
by positioning the US NAVY, AF, etc. at
the crux of the transportation routes of
Energy.....worldwide. Oil/Gas.
"Energy is the economy" without a stable
supply neither country can break down...?

China's communists are "good capitalists". ....
The "old order" states, that :

"whomever has the Highest Alter, he will surely be the victor....."

“Its all about oil” In the early 70s, the US was 35% dependent upon foreign oil inputs. Today, it has grown to over 55% dependency. Why? Cheaper oil recovery in the Middle East, Nigeria, Russia, Venezuela, and other places. During the same time period, oil refineries in the US have been cut in-half. Additionally, since Three Mile event, US utilities have focused on the construction of lower cost natural gas Peaking unit power plants so they could maximize their profits. Now, the US is out of natural gas, exporting it, and attempting like crazy to develop new fields in Texas and Pennsylvania.

When the world demand for oil has significantly increased beyond existing supplies, mostly due to the US, an expanding China, and Southeast Asia, there is little wonder that existing supplies will not be sufficient to meet demands until about 2025. Meanwhile, The US must pursue new technologies, new resources, reignite the nuclear power option, promote conservation and development of green energy and because we as a crises management nation have put us behind the energy/GDP curve, there is no other choice but to provide security of our existing supply lines (I.e., providing for a stable middle East environment).

We have spent what will amount to $2 trillion and 4,000 lives, 30,000 casualties, and afflicted 34-40% of our men with PTSD so we could control $30 trillion worth of Anbar oil and the oil sheikhdoms in the region. All hell will break lose if we lose, Iran and the Chinese will move it, and we lose control of all that oil just as supplies are peaking..... What was the purpose of all this sacrifice if we bug out??!?!!!!

However, US policy must not ignore other world areas which can effect the strength of the US economy, trade, standard of living, and strength of the dollar related to other foreign currencies.

Whether we rise or fall; energy related country’s GDPs provide the nurturing environment for democracy, stability, and embetterment of the standard of living and living conditions.

The TONE of American leadership is VITALLY important. Under George Bush’s false claims and abrasive discursive diplomacy world-wide, America’s credibility has been severely damaged. The esteem America has earned over the years is a necessary diplomatic tool in terms of American adherence to international law and international institutionalism; a pseudo-hegemonic America under the Neocon flag breeds distrust and sews dissension around the world. A proactive foreign policy guided by true power sharing enhances the image of a benign hegemon. Since Russia is quickly erasing the unipolar image of America in a sea of petro dollars, unilateralism, never a reliable diplomatic tool, is losing all currency as well as relevancy in the current globalized international economy.The Bush Doctrine was ill-conceived and extremely reactionary in the current interdependent political environment. 9/11 was tragic but it does not advocate for a myopic approach to international relations.

“Its all about Oil/Gas, Energy...Economy, "organized Dis-orderly... ORDER, of the "New World Order”.....
Tibet, the 'great game' and the CIA....

One more front in the Dis-orderly... ORDER, of the "New World Order”...

Given the historical context of the unrest in Tibet, there is reason to believe Beijing was caught on the hop with the recent demonstrations for the simple reason that their planning took place outside of Tibet and that the direction of the protesters is similarly in the hands of anti-Chinese organizers safely out of reach in Nepal and northern India...

Similarly, the funding and overall control of the unrest has also been linked to Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, and by inference to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) because of his close cooperation with US intelligence for over 50 years.

Indeed, with the CIA's deep involvement with the Free Tibet Movement and its funding of the suspiciously well-informed Radio Free Asia, it would seem somewhat unlikely that any revolt could have been planned or occurred without the prior knowledge, and even perhaps the agreement, of the National Clandestine Service (formerly known as the Directorate of Operations) at CIA headquarters in Langley....

Respected columnist and former senior Indian Intelligence officer, B Raman, commented on March 21 that "on the basis of available evidence, it was possible to assess with a reasonable measure of conviction" that the initial uprising in Lhasa on March 14 "had been pre-planned and well orchestrated".

Could there be a factual basis to the suggestion that the main beneficiaries to the death and destruction sweeping Tibet are in Washington? History would suggest that this is a distinct possibility.

The CIA conducted a large scale covert action campaign against the communist Chinese in Tibet starting in 1956. This led to a disastrous bloody uprising in 1959, leaving tens of thousands of Tibetans dead, while the Dalai Lama and about 100,000 followers were forced to flee across the treacherous Himalayan passes to India and Nepal.

The CIA established a secret military training camp for the Dalai Lama's resistance fighters at Camp Hale near Leadville, Colorado, in the US. The Tibetan guerrillas were trained and equipped by the CIA for guerrilla warfare and sabotage operations against the communist Chinese.

The US-trained guerrillas regularly carried out raids into Tibet, on occasions led by CIA-contract mercenaries and supported by CIA planes. The initial training program ended in December 1961, though the camp in Colorado appears to have remained open until at least 1966.

The CIA Tibetan Task Force created by Roger E McCarthy, alongside the Tibetan guerrilla army, continued the operation codenamed "St Circus" to harass the Chinese occupation forces for another 15 years until 1974, when officially sanctioned involvement ceased.

McCarthy, who also served as head of the Tibet Task Force at the height of its activities from 1959 until 1961, later went on to run similar operations in Vietnam and Laos.

By the mid-1960s, the CIA had switched its strategy from parachuting guerrilla fighters and intelligence agents into Tibet to establishing the Chusi Gangdruk, a guerrilla army of some 2,000 ethnic Khamba fighters at bases such as Mustang in Nepal.

This base was only closed down in 1974 by the Nepalese government after being put under tremendous pressure by Beijing.
After the Indo-China War of 1962, the CIA developed a close relationship with the Indian intelligence services in both training and supplying agents in Tibet.

Kenneth Conboy and James Morrison in their book The CIA's Secret War in Tibet disclose that the CIA and the Indian intelligence services cooperated in the training and equipping of Tibetan agents and special forces troops and in forming joint aerial and intelligence units such as the Aviation Research Center and Special Center.

This collaboration continued well into the 1970s and some of the programs that it sponsored, especially the special forces unit of Tibetan refugees which would become an important part of the Indian Special Frontier Force, continue into the present.

Only the deterioration in relations with India which coincided with improvements in those with Beijing brought most of the joint CIA-Indian operations to an end.

Though Washington had been scaling back support for the Tibetan guerrillas since 1968, it is thought that the end of official US backing for the resistance only came during meetings between president Richard Nixon and the Chinese communist leadership in Beijing in February 1972.

Victor Marchetti, a former CIA officer has described the outrage many field agents felt when Washington finally pulled the plug, adding that a number even "[turned] for solace to the Tibetan prayers which they had learned during their years with the Dalai Lama".

The former CIA Tibetan Task Force chief from 1958 to 1965, John Kenneth Knaus, has been quoted as saying, "This was not some CIA black-bag operation." He added, "The initiative was coming from ... the entire US government."

In his book Orphans of the Cold War, Knaus writes of the obligation Americans feel toward the cause of Tibetan independence from China. Significantly, he adds that its realization "would validate the more worthy motives of we who tried to help them achieve this goal over 40 years ago. It would also alleviate the guilt some of us feel over our participation in these efforts, which cost others their lives, but which were the prime adventure of our own."

Despite the lack of official support it is still widely rumored that the CIA were involved, if only by proxy, in another failed revolt in October 1987, the unrest that followed and the consequent Chinese repression continuing till May 1993.

The timing for another serious attempt to destabilize Chinese rule in Tibet would appear to be right for the CIA and Langley will undoubtedly keep all its options open.

China is faced with significant problems, with the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province; the activities of the Falun Gong among many other dissident groups and of course growing concern over the security of the Summer Olympic Games in August.

China is viewed by Washington as a major threat, both economic and military, not just in Asia, but in Africa and Latin America as well.

The CIA also views China as being "unhelpful" in the "war on terror", with little or no cooperation being offered and nothing positive being done to stop the flow of arms and men from Muslim areas of western China to support Islamic extremist movements in Afghanistan and Central Asian states.

To many in Washington, this may seem the ideal opportunity to knock the Beijing government off balance as Tibet is still seen as China's potential weak spot.

The CIA will undoubtedly ensure that its fingerprints are not discovered all over this growing revolt. Cut-outs and proxies will be used among the Tibetan exiles in Nepal and India's northern border areas.

Indeed, the CIA can expect a significant level of support from a number of security organizations in both India and Nepal and will have no trouble in providing the resistance movement with advice, money and above all, publicity.

However, not until the unrest shows any genuine signs of becoming an open revolt by the great mass of ethnic Tibetans against the Han Chinese and Hui Muslims will any weapons be allowed to appear.

Large quantities of former Eastern bloc small arms and explosives have been reportedly smuggled into Tibet over the past 30 years, but these are likely to remain safely hidden until the right opportunity presents itself.

The weapons have been acquired on the world markets or from stocks captured by US or Israeli forces. They have been sanitized and are deniable, untraceable back to the CIA.

Weapons of this nature also have the advantage of being interchangeable with those used by the Chinese armed forces and of course use the same ammunition, easing the problem of resupply during any future conflict.

Though official support for the Tibetan resistance ended 30 years ago, the CIA has kept open its lines of communications and still funds much of the Tibetan Freedom movement.

So is the CIA once again playing the "great game" in Tibet?

It certainly has the capability, with a significant intelligence and paramilitary presence in the region. Major bases exist in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and several Central Asian states.

It cannot be doubted that it has an interest in undermining China, as well as the more obvious target of Iran.

So the probable answer is yes, and indeed it would be rather surprising if the CIA was not taking more than just a passing interest in Tibet. That is after all what it is paid to do.

Since September 11, 2001, there has been a sea-change in US Intelligence attitudes, requirements and capabilities. Old operational plans have been dusted off and updated. Previous assets re-activated. Tibet and the perceived weakness of China's position there will probably have been fully reassessed.

For Washington and the CIA, this may seem a heaven-sent opportunity to create a significant lever against Beijing, with little risk to American interests; simply a win-win situation.

The Chinese government would be on the receiving end of worldwide condemnation for its continuing repression and violation of human rights and it will be young Tibetans dying on the streets of Lhasa rather than yet more uniformed American kids.

The consequences of any open revolt against Beijing, however, are that once again the fear of arrest, torture and even execution will pervade every corner of both Tibet and those neighboring provinces where large Tibetan populations exist, such as Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan.

And the Tibetan Freedom movement still has little likelihood of achieving any significant improvement in central Chinese policy in the long run and no chance whatever of removing its control of Lhasa and their homeland.

Once again it would appear that the Tibetan people will find themselves trapped between an oppressive Beijing and a manipulative Washington.

Beijing sends in the heavies...

The fear that the United States, Britain and other Western states may try to portray Tibet as another Kosovo may be part of the reason why the Chinese authorities reacted as if faced with a genuine mass revolt rather than their official portrayal of a short-lived outbreak of unrest by malcontents supporting the Dalai Lama.

Indeed, so seriously did Beijing view the situation that a special security coordination unit, the 110 Command Center, has been established in Lhasa with the primary objective of suppressing the disturbances and restoring full central government control.

The center appears to be under the direct control of Zhang Qingli, first secretary of the Tibet Party and a President Hu Jintao loyalist. Zhang is also the former Xinjiang deputy party secretary with considerable experience in counter-terrorism operations in that region.

Others holding important positions in Lhasa are Zhang Xinfeng, vice minister of the Central Public Security Ministry and Zhen Yi, deputy commander of the People's Armed Police Headquarters in Beijing.

The seriousness with which Beijing is treating the present unrest is further illustrated by the deployment of a large number of important army units from the Chengdu Military Region, including brigades from the 149th Mechanized Infantry Division, which acts as the region's rapid reaction force.

According to a United Press International report, elite ground force units of the People's Liberation Army were involved in Lhasa, and the new T-90 armored personnel carrier and T-92 wheeled armored vehicles were deployed. According to the report, China has denied the participation of the army in the crackdown, saying it was carried out by units of the armed police. "Such equipment as mentioned above has never been deployed by China's armed police, however."

Air support is provided by the 2nd Army Aviation Regiment, based at Fenghuangshan, Chengdu, in Sichuan province. It operates a mix of helicopters and STOL transports from a frontline base near Lhasa. Combat air support could be quickly made available from fighter ground attack squadrons based within the Chengdu region.
The Xizang Military District forms the Tibet garrison, which has two mountain infantry units; the 52nd Brigade based at Linzhi and the 53rd Brigade at Yaoxian Shannxi. These are supported by the 8th Motorized Infantry Division and an artillery brigade at Shawan, Xinjiang.

Tibet is also no longer quite as remote or difficult to resupply for the Chinese army. The construction of the first railway between 2001 and 2007 has significantly eased the problems of the movement of large numbers of troops and equipment from Qinghai onto the rugged Tibetan plateau.

Other precautions against a resumption of the long-term Tibetan revolts of previous years has led to a considerable degree of self-sufficiency in logistics and vehicle repair by the Tibetan garrison and an increasing number of small airfields have been built to allow rapid-reaction units to gain access to even the most remote areas.

The Chinese Security Ministry and intelligence services had been thought to have a suffocating presence in the province and indeed the ability to detect any serious protest movement and suppress resistance.


The NEW Energy Crescent , at the Heart of the Fertile Crescent....

comparing U.S. woes to those of the former U.S.S.R.


The former Soviet Union didn't simply
collapse - it was pushed - the highest-stakes
CIA operation ever, doing in Russia what it had
done in smaller countries all over the world, from
Chile to Guatemala to Greece.

There are Russians who understand the hidden
CIA hand very very well indeed....

It was a dangerous, irresponsible game for the
United States to play, but that was the daring-do
of people like Reagan and Bush, who no doubt
patted themselves on the back for their "secret"
victory that no one knows about.

Of course, it will come back to haunt us all....sooner than we think...


Recently, Israel’s Vice Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz offered an unequivocal veto on a key issue in the Middle East peace process. Any return of the Golan Heights to Syria would result in an “Iranian foothold” on Israel’s border and would thus not only be politically naïve but irrational.

Mofaz’s statement is symptomatic of a perception that is now deeply entrenched, not only in the Middle East, but in the United States as well.

That notion is of a hegemonic Iran that is attempting to dominate the region through an array of Shia proxies. This Iranian fifth column is believed to stretch from Beirut via Damascus, Gaza to Baghdad and finally from Iran to Saudi-Arabia to Yemen. Recent armed clashes between Hezbollah and the Lebanese government are, it is said, just another sign of Iran’s hegemonic reach.

Ironically, this perception brings Israel some rather unlikely partners. President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt claims that Shias are “always loyal to Iran," while King Abdullah of Jordan has coined the axiom about a rising “Shia crescent.” This “rise of the Shias” and the resulting “Sunni/Shia divide” is alleged to be creating an ever widening chasm in the region.

Although this perception may convince at first glance, it is ultimately based on generalizations that reveal more about its advocates than the actual reality on the ground.

Take Iraq, where the looming “Shia crescent” is often blamed for much of the chaos. Recent developments in Iraq allegedly point to a fundamental clash between Sunnis and Shias in the region and bear witness to malevolent Iranian interferences. But is Iraq really symptomatic of a greater Shia scheme?

True, sectarian tensions between Sunnis and Shias in Iraq have escalated since the fall of Saddam. But contrary to common perception, Iraqi Shias do not form a homogenous block that opposes the supposedly unified Sunnis.

Indeed, the contrary is true. In the light of Iraqi nationalism that crosses sectarian boundaries, it is farfetched to consider the Iraqi Shia merely proxies of Iran.

Instead, what we are witnessing in Iraq today is not ever increasing friction between religious communities but escalating internal power struggles within the Sunni and Shia communities. Ongoing violence in Basra and the fighting between Sunni “Awakening Councils” and Al Qaida in Iraq demonstrate this. In fact, the current escalation points to an increasing political struggle between the federalist position of Shia Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki and the centralist position of Shia cleric Moqtada al Sadr. This struggle will ultimately define the political structure of Iraq.

Here is where Sunni-Shia cooperation comes in. Widely unnoticed, Iraqi Sunni and Shia centralists have managed in the last couple of months to form a united parliamentary platform that leaves sectarian tensions behind. More than a hundred followers of Ayad Allawi, Al Sadr, and others have joined their ranks. This supra-sectarian platform calls for a central government administration of Iraq’s natural resources and the postponement of the looming referendum to settle the status of the city of Kirkuk.

Change within the government is also noteworthy. Sunni ministers who had been boycotting the government since last year have returned to their posts.

Thus, Iraq is seeing both escalating intra-sectarian violence and cautious steps towards inter-sectarian alliances.

And what about Iran? Contrary to the blame games being played out in the US, Iran cannot be accused of an unrestrained aggressive stance toward Iraq. Of course, no Iranian decision-maker is interested in a US-success in Iraq that might well put regime-change in Iran back on the agenda. But the rationale behind Iran’s policy of economic, social and military engagement seems to be first and foremost, defensive.

Memories of Iraq’s eight year war of aggression against Iran in the 1980’s have not faded. From Iran’s perspective, any future threat originating from Iraq needs to be averted by ensuring the participation in Iraq’s government of Shias and Kurds.

These complexities are lost on many observers when matched up against the convenient and catchy rhetoric of the “Shia Crescent.” But they have not gone unnoticed among ordinary Arabs. A recent poll by the University of Maryland indicates that a large majority of Arabs in the region consider Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad one of the three most popular political leaders worldwide. Only 11 percent identified Iran as the biggest threat to their security. So if a Shia threat organized by Iran really does exist, why is it being ignored by those that it purportedly targets — the Sunni Arab majorities?

Rather than objectively describing the actual political situation in the Middle East, the notion of a fundamental Iranian threat is being used to continue unconditional Western support for increasingly unstable regimes. Moreover, the overstatement of the threat posed by Iran is also being used as a convenient excuse for political inflexibility and stagnating reform processes throughout the region.

But exaggerating the supposed Shia threat has a price. Continuous talk of a “Sunni-Shia divide” might ultimately develop into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Alarmist rhetoric may, in the end, jeopardize rather than protect the status quo in the region.

The Origins of the Overclass...

The wealthy have always used many methods to
accumulate wealth, but it was not until the
mid-1970s that these methods coalesced into
a superbly organized, cohesive and efficient
machine. After 1975, it became greater than
the sum of its parts, a smooth flowing
organization of advocacy groups, lobbyists,
think tanks, conservative foundations, and
PR firms that hurtled the richest 1 percent
into the stratosphere...


The origins of this machine, interestingly
enough, can be traced back to the CIA.
This is not to say the machine is a formal
CIA operation, complete with code name and
signed documents.
(Although such evidence may surface soon -
and previously unthinkable domestic operations
show this to be a distinct possibility.)
But what we do know already indicts the CIA
strongly enough. Its principle creators were
Irving Kristol, Paul Weyrich, William Simon,
Richard Mellon Scaife, Frank Shakespeare,
William F. Buckley, Jr., the Rockefeller
family, Kissinger,and more...
Almost all the machine's creators had
proven and well defined, CIA backgrounds...


Remember, "If I found a motherlode I'd cover up anything that showed"...

- - yes, the "intelligence" agencies and members of the "Fourth Reich" who are currently running things and are determined to turn the world into one Feudal State, using total surveillance and mind control projects that have continued on from the Third Reich with Operation Paperclip Nazi mad scientists, and MKULTRA, Operation Mockingbird, CHAOS, etc. (let's face it, the same folks who financed both Adolf and Stalin (as Anthony Sutton proved in his books, i.e. the Wall Street Bankers and their European one world/New World Order allies are still "running" things)) - - will find good use for "intelligence whiz" Jane McGonigal - - the funny thing about most really "intelligent" scientists is that they aren't intelligent enough to see the ramifications of their "projects" as they collaborate with fascist types and provide them things such as Nuclear Weapons, all types of strange weapons to restore "control" of "unruly" populations, and Mind Control vehicles which will then of course be employed against, not for, the betterment of mankind . . . until the world wakes up and the fascists running things along with their "intelligence agencies" are defeated by the divine nature they so hate - - Ms. McGonigal would do better to junk these "games" and join an ashram and do some yoga and prayers to GOD, to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Messiah and All Saints..., to our Mother the Virgin Holy Mary and all the Angels of Heaven... to truly help the world's collective consciousness turn in a positive direction, that is the real battle that is now ongoing . . . which side will she join, one is so much more "profitable" here in the material world . . . not so much on the other side when the "life review" kicks in post-leaving this Earth bound body . . . .


Since the industrial revolution the geopolitics of energy – who supplies it, and securing reliable access to those supplies – have been a driving factor in global prosperity and security. Over the coming decades, energy politics will determine the survival of the planet.

Confronting challenges between traditional geopolitical considerations, climate change and higher energy and carbon prices requires an understanding of the fragility of international oil and gas markets, but also of the nexus among energy security, climate change, and nuclear energy and proliferation. This blog seeks to address these interconnections, and the kinds of measures that will be needed to ensure sustainability, prosperity, and security, in the dark age of Dick Cheney's own energy Matrix....with the USA's "shadow military mini-cabinet" of the foothills of Jackson Hole Wyoming...., CFR, etc. , with puppet GWB as a front man and a "cheer leader". The old boys network at its best, with the New Reichstag fires of 9/11 as a precursor, a common denominator for the new age of the PNAC, concocted in the 1990s, in the dark rooms of the elite intelligence units of the UK/USA Alliance...

The Real Rogue Nation


“If the U.S. government were held to the FBI’s official definition of terrorism (the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population or any segment thereof in furtherance of political or social objectives), their list of victims since WWII alone would include: Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Mexico, Chile, Granada, Columbia, Bolivia, Venezuela. Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Zaire, Namibia, Lebanon, USSR, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Bangladesh, Iran, South Africa, Serbia, the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Iraq, Cambodia, Libya, Palestine, Indonesia, East Timer, Turkey, Angola and Somalia.” - Christ White former US Marine Sergeant ...

The White House Murder Machinations Inc, will approach a "Nash equilibrium" this year...

It's Always Been About Oil....
In covert wars terms, the White House Murder Machinations Inc, will approach a "Nash equilibrium" this year, as every player in Lebanon and in "Syria of the Mafiosi Assad", accepts and executes CIA's sub-optimal outcome..., with Asef Shawkat still at the helm of the criminal Syrian Military Intelligence thugs in Damascus, in collusion with the weak, "faiblard..." indecisive stooge of CIA2 Michel Suleiman, who was instrumental in hiding, effacing, defacing... and eradicating facts on the ground, with his military intelligence goons of the LAF, during ALL political assassinations in Lebanon since January 24th 2002...despite all the obfuscations of the Media.... because they simply cannot trust anyone else to do better...at executing political assassinations, in order to "trigger monumental events" leading to more fracturing of the whole Middle East, the GCC....Central Asia, and on to Africa soon.... this is the core policy of CIA2/MOSSAD and it will never change under Obama/Clinton or anyone else for that matter....during the next 100 Years of continued militarization of energy security, for the Nexus of evils of the UKUSA alliance...all else is garbled FDDC rhetoric for the gullible...
Zionists and oil have been a major headline topic from [WSJ] Perle Linked to Kurdish Oil Plan* at the end of July to the Russian intervention in the formally (or formerly) Georgian regions South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
Many commentators like the Jewish Zionist Neocon Krauthammer have discussed Russian desire to control the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline. Of course, such analysts refrain from mentioning the equally strong intent of Zionists to gain control of oil resources throughout the world in order both to profit from them and also to guarantee that they cannot be used against Israel as happened in 1973.**
In general, the Kremlin has no tolerance for competing power centers within the Russian Federation or within the Russian sphere of influence as the experience of Russian Jewish oligarch Khodorkovski has shown. Surprise on the part of American foreign policy makers can only be attributed to incompetence because the period leading up to the attack on Georgia has been characterized by a surfeit of warning signs from Russia including (without limitation):
  • support for Serbia during the Clinton administration,
  • support for Abkhazian and South Ossetian separatism in Georgia,
  • crushing Chechen separatists,
  • support for pro-Russian political parties in the Ukraine,
  • intimidation of the Ukraine over natural gas requirements,
  • attempts to arrest other Russian Jewish oligarchs,
  • stalling over Iranian nuclear ambitions,resistance to the expansion of NATO,
  • opposition to the US attack on Iraq,
  • opposition to using sites within Poland and the Czech Republic for missile defense shield technology, and
  • rejection of independence for Kosovo.
The Russian government is almost certainly unhappy with the expansion of Zionist Jewish philanthropic politics and manipulation throughout the former Soviet Union.
While Russia has at least some influence over Ukrainian politics, Zionists have developed close relations with both the Saakashvili regime and the originally Jewish oligarch-led opposition with the result of effectively excluding the Russians.
When the USA showed weakness in its confrontation with Iran, the temptation for the Russian Federation to act must have been irresistible in the face of increasing Georgian provocation.
Not only is the Jewish Zionist involvement in the oil politics of the Caucasus nothing new, but it even dates from the earliest period in the development of Zionism.
Shortly after the discovery of petroleum in the region of the Baku in 1879, the French Rothschilds began to invest in Czarist Russia with the hope of exploiting the oil resources. The targeted assassination of Czar Alexander II by a Jewish led terrorist organization created an anti-Jewish reaction that threatened Rothschild goals and that provided an incentive for the development of Zionist politics among Russian Jews.
The French Rothschilds in the 1880s do not seem to have been much interested in Zionism per se, and they probably could not really distinguish one form of Russian Jewish radical politics from another, but creating or supporting Jewish colonies in Palestine could easily have appeared to the Rothschild family as a sort of pressure release valve that could prove to the Czarist government the benefits of working with the French Rothschilds to develop an oil industry.
By the late 1890s explorers had found evidence of sizable oil deposits in Ottoman Mesopotamia. D'Arcy Exploration (later Anglo-Iranian Oil Co.) discovered commercial oil in 1908 at Masjid-i-Suleiman in Iran. During the same time period, Herzl had developed the Dreyfus case as a gimmick to market Zionism by scare-mongering the possibility of pogroms in Western Europe.
Probably inspired by fear and self-interest the British Rothschilds put their financial resources into the service of Zionism just as they were investing in Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. Because Russian Jews were already heavily involved in the Russian oil service industry thanks to French Rothschild investments, the British Rothschilds could even justify their efforts on behalf of Zionism as a way to bring useful personnel to the ME to work in a ME oil industry.
Because the Ottoman Empire was an impediment both to Zionism and to full exploitation of Middle Eastern oil by the UK, it had to go -- at least in the minds of Zionist leaders, who made a lot of money available to British politicians of the same opinion during the period leading to WWI. These political investments culminated in the Balfour declaration and in the vivisection of the Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of WWI despite the worries of the British foreign office about the geostrategic implications and the effect among British imperial Muslim subjects.***
Even though a significant number of the British government officials opposed Zionism right from the start, they never hindered Zionist efforts to any great extent. British Zionist leader Herbert Samuel became the first High Commissioner to Mandatory Palestine, and the Haifa-Mosul pipeline was put into operation in 1931.
The marriage of the Eastern European Zionist intelligentsia to Western European Jewish plutocracy within the realm of late 19th and early 20th century oil politics forms the original and continuing basis of the Zionist imperial system, whose virtual colonial motherland I call Judonia.
The Judonian lust to control Caucasian, Middle Eastern and world oil supplies has grown ever stronger in the almost century since the Balfour Declaration was addressed to Walter Rothschild and has colored Bush administration Neocon-inspired policies toward the ME, Venezuela, and the territories of the former Soviet Union.
Modern international politics is only comprehensible with a thorough understanding of the relationship between petroleum and Judonia as long as care is taken to distinguish between Judonia and Jews.

Ever since Zionist Jewish oligarchs took control of Jewish education throughout the world, far too many Jews confuse the interests of ordinary Jews and those of Judonia, but Judonia serves only the Zionist Jewish oligarchy and intelligentsia. For Judonia ordinary Jews are simply a resource and nothing more.
* According to the WSJ article Perle negotiated this deal with the help of Aydan Kodaloglu, who has long been a Zionist shill within Turkey.
Like Father like Sun discloses the following information:
Alleged journalist Claudia Rosett hits the ground of SethAndIranistan running, readily adapting to the Sun practice of ignoring empirical reality in favor of preferred narrative. She likewise proves herself proficient in omitting rather crucial details when introducing sources. Rosett on the "Muslim world":
Reports yesterday from places such as Syria and Egypt, as well as Iraq itself, quoted men-in-the-street as both stunned and contemptuous that Saddam, though armed with a pistol in his hole, surrendered without a shot. "He's such a coward, the way he was captured today," says Turkish businesswoman Aydan Kodaloglu, reached by phone in Ankara. "Every fundamentalist in the Muslim world is going to be thinking of this picture," added Ms. Kodaloglu, referring to the TV footage of a compliant, disheveled Saddam, opening his mouth wide for a flashlight and tongue depressor, and bowing his head while a doctor checked for lice.
Businesswoman? American Enterprise stooge? "An Ankara political consultant active in promoting Israel-Turkey relations" (as reported by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency - a "venerable" and "highly credible wire" as SethAndIra told us last month - on November 20, 2002)? Rosett is of course not fooling her readers - simply because nobody reads the atrocious Sun.

With "journalists" as thick-headed and oblivious to the story featuring so prominently in the paper's pages, there's no real reason to bother. Rosett's 700-page gloat plays up the fact that the once mighty Saddam reduced to the figure of a "bedraggled fugitive cowering facedown with his gun in a hole in the ground" will serve as a potent "symbol of defeat" for "terrorists," by which she means Muslims. Of immediate note to anyone at all paying attention, one wonders how this pathetic cowering tyrant was able to orchestrate the loyalists and foreign terrorists that comprise the Iraqi resistance in the Sun's telling literally from a hole in the ground. Ms. Rosett chooses not to trouble herself with so obvious a question.
** The Israel Lobby and American Society points out:
When the Arab oil producers reacted [to US policy of support for Israel during the 1973 war] by imposing an embargo, the Kristols and their fellow Neocons, responded by discovering that "US security interests" required Friedmanist privatization of Arab oil companies so that they would be run solely for profit with no possible future use as a political weapon. No other rational interpretation of Greenspan: Ouster Of Hussein Crucial For Oil Security[401] is possible because some future ruler of Iraq could easily be even worse than Saddam Hussein by whatever criteria are current at that time. In this sense, the Second Iraq War probably was all about the political threat oil represents to Israel and not about any compelling American security requirement except in the minds of those that cannot distinguish American and Israeli interests....hence Israel "and" America....became
a covert paradigm...used by the power behind the power in USA to
steamroll US politics into complete submission to the Wyoming boys...
the CFR,...etc...the so-called ISRAEL's influential lobby....is a myth
propagated by this occult power behind the power....because it is a
very handy and a "cheap" way ...of controlling both houses of
congress ...without ever disclosing any of the rogue intelligence and
covert...extra-judicial operations...and all policies....in USA and the
world for that matter... and the so-called Israeli lobby, with all of its
spectacular ramifications worldwide is completely and utterly
subservient to this power behind the power in USA, they are just a
front and a cover...for the real power behind all powers in USA, and
its criminal enterprise, the newfound Siamese twins of CIA2/MOSSAD,
and the White House Murder Machinations INC, which is globalized
in nature since 1994/95....-
[EAAZI] Zionist Control: Sovereign Wealth Funds? discusses Zionist panic at the power of oil-money based sovereign wealth funds...
*** Their anger became the basis of the Khilifat Movement in India and much of Islamist rage at the West today.


Syria: Reshuffling its Security Apparatus?

Syria: Reshuffling its Security Apparatus?


Syria plans to make major changes in its entire MURDER Assassinations apparatus soon, in order to incorporate fully into the "White House Murder Inc.", Stratfor sources reported Feb. 28. The decision comes after the Feb. 12 assassination of key Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyah in Damascus — an event that personally embarrassed Syrian President Bashar al Assad, but greatly increased the chances of the Alawite Regime to continue ruling Syria for the next three decades, with the Iron Grip of Assef Shawkat and his barbaric goons, by way of direct operational help from CIA, MOSSAD and DGSE... With pressure coming from several fronts on Syria’s involvement in the White House Murder Inc., Asef Shawqat might benefit from cleaning the house of Al-ASSAD by murdering Maher Assad, Roustom Ghazaleh and a few more "disposables...".


Stratfor sources reported Feb. 28 that Syria plans to reshuffle its entire ASSASSINATIONS apparatus soon, in the wake of the Feb. 12 assassination of Hezbollah chief commander Imad Mughniyah, by a sordid duo composed of Assef Shawkat and an Iranian Faction in Tehran...* see below articles. The Syrian regime, which is mightily Helped by the Mughniyah hit on Syrian soil, could use the event as an excuse to eliminate several key members of its Murder apparatus, including former head of Syrian intelligence in Lebanon Gen. Rustom Ghazaleh and Jamii Jamii, Samih Al-Qashami and Said Rabah, three of his key assistants — all of whom were definitely involved in the January 24th Assassination of MP , Ex-Minister and Popular Lebanese Leader Mr. Elie Hobeika, and the February 14th 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, and many more...

With pressure building on USA to cut a deal over Lebanon, Iran, IRAQ and Palestine, Syrian President Bashar al Assad might benefit from strengthening his house of Murder Inc. - Hezbollah and Iran are fighting an aggressive battle in Lebanon to expand Hezbollah’s political power in the Cabinet, ensure the next Lebanese president is favorable to Independent Lebanese interests and give the White House's Murder Inc., a clean break from the charades of the tribunal for the al-Hariri assassination. A formal removal of figures like Ghazaleh and his deputies could allow Assef Shawkat to demonstrate to the CIA , MOSSAD Alliance of Evils, and his regional rivals that his regime is taking concrete action against Hizbullah Leadership structure, potentially paving the way for a broader agreement on the makeup of the new regime to be installed in Damascus, with Asef Shawqat at the Helm, in order to keep a semblance of Alawite Continuity in MURDER Inc.

Removing Ghazaleh would be largely for show, however. After the Syrian army pulled out of Lebanon in April 2005, the position of chief of intelligence in Lebanon was eliminated. After that, Ghazaleh was essentially put under house arrest and has been running a security office in the town of Rif Dimashq that holds little to no significance.... in the REAL, BARBARIC, MONSTROUS Institute of the Modern Assassinations, which goes by the code name, The Ultimate White House Murder Inc. , a legend in the New American 21st Century of Murder, CIA2.

Depending on how far this military Coup D'état goes, certain complications could arise that could threaten the stability of the Alawite regime. The big question is whether the actual regime of the powerless skunk Bashar Assad, "Al-Zarafeh" will dare to dismiss Asef Shawkat, the director-general and CEO of the White House Murder Inc., a subsidiary of Syrian military intelligence, who also happens to be the president’s brother-in-law. Shawkat has long butted heads with Maher al Assad, the president’s brother and head of the Republican Guard. Though this information has been verified, the Fact remains that Shawkat has something to do with the Mughniyah assassination. According to a source, Shawkat was on bad terms with Mughniyah and resented his influence on the Syrian army. Maher, on the other hand, had a very strong relationship with the Hezbollah commander and reportedly had an altercation with Shawkat prior to the assassination. These facts are true, and the al Assad regime has an interest in removing Shawkat to shore up the regime’s alliance with Iran and Hezbollah following the Mughniyah assassination.... before Asef Shawkat launches a hostile bid in order to remove Bashar and Maher Assad from power, and puts them next to Nikolai Ceausescu's tomb, which would be quite a sight to see LIVE...

Syria: Reshuffling its Security Apparatus?

But Shawkat is a highly influential member of the White House Murder Inc., and certain factions at CIA2, would not take his removal lightly.... Family politics cannot be underestimated in a country like USA; the al-Saud/BUSH clan is a subset of the ZIONIST sect, which in turn is a subset of the MOSSAD branch of the NEW ISRAELI MAFIA Party. A rupture of any of the major fault lines in the regime could cause serious trouble on the home front in Washington DC. For this very reason, the American president will probably not cause any major upsets within the security apparatus of the White House Assassinations Inc... U.S. warships are already parked off the Lebanese coast, Saudi Arabia is taking the lead among the Gulf Arabs to HELP the NEW Syrian regime diplomatically, should the projected Coup D'état succeed in Damascus, and Israel is giving strong hints that it is looking for a fight with Hezbollah. With so many issues at stake, the US president will need to err on the side of caution in managing family politics...., in the Triad of the Project of the New American Assassinations of the 21st Century, anchored at the left Banks of the Potomac, Virginias, and Wyoming...

Stratfor, the world's leading Disinformation for CIA, Texas funded and Texas based, "intelligence" is never provided.... except to AIPAC, and LAKAM etc. For any additional disinformation, please visit @stratfor.

Daily, Global Dis-Information through Faulty and Skewed "Intelligence", Stratfor, is CIA, March 3rd, 2008.

Syria's summit of dashed hopes...?

Damascus is ready and waiting, but will the guests show up ?
The Syrians continue to uphold their partnership in the infamous White House Murder Inc.,ever since January 24th 2002, and the cowardly barbaric assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika by Assef Shawkat, acting on behalf of MOSSAD and CIA, with regard to the presidential crisis in Lebanon, and stress that, "the upcoming Arab Summit in Damascus scheduled for 29 March will be held on schedule." For a variety of reasons, foremost among them is Syria's collusion with Israel and some Faction in IRAN, who are pushing for an immediate cessation of Hostilities and an immediate Peace with Israel, which should in principle, spare Iran from an Inevitable "shock and Awe" campaign by the dark forces of Dick Cheney and his cohorts in DC, hence, the summit is very important for Syria. It is the first to be held on Syrian soil since Arab leaders assembled in Daraa during the Arab-Israeli War of 1948, and it is time for the New Assad Regime of Assef Shawkat to take hold firmly in Damascus...

What's more, it means that the US-led laughable disinformation "embargo" on Damascus is coming to an end, since at the top of the VIP list are America's allies in the Arab world, including King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. That was one of the reasons why the Saudis pushed for holding the summit in Damascus, back in March 2007. At the time, King Abdullah treated President Bashar Al-Assad with full honors, and kept a distance from rival Lebanese politicians so as to send positive gestures towards Syria. The message was: come back to the so-called "Arab moderate community" (away from hard-line Iranian factions) under the patronage of Israel,Saudi Arabia and the BUSH Gang of Murderers.

However, unlike what many people believe, the Saudis did not want to disrupt the Syrian-Iranian alliance. They wanted to invest in it and use it in Saudi Arabia's favor, since the argument goes that Syria is more reasonable than some factions in Iran, as was blatantly proven with the Assef Shawqat's assassination of Imad Moughnieh in downtown Damascus...., paid for by Saudi Arabian Dollars to Assef Shawkat's SMI's band of brutal thugs and KILLERS, experts in assassinations , and does not have any long history of anti-Americanism, since CIA has a major base of operations in SYRIA, and FBI is roaming free in Damascus for years.... The Saudis wanted Syria to moderate Iranian behavior in pan-Arab affairs, mainly in Lebanon and Iraq..... but not in Palestine, since all the operations there, are sanctioned by the Israelis, and work mostly in their favor and according to their long standing plans of emptying Palestine completely with violence, killings, assassinations, murder, home destruction, misery, poverty, hunger, etc.

While this cuddling up to Syria was taking place, Javier Solana, the EU chief negotiator, came to Syria a year ago and offered the Syrians a partnership agreement with Europe in exchange for Syrian support in bringing calm to Lebanon. Then came Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, to Damascus last April, followed by a May meeting between Foreign Minister Walid Al-Mouallem and Condoleezza Rice. Everybody was offering the Syrians carrots in exchange for their cooperation on Lebanon, in the same way the Syrian goons of Assef Shawkat have been cooperating with all major western intelligence on Iraq, and more...., and paid for with Saudi Moneys to the SMI of Shawkat's brutal barbaric murderers.

The Syrians responded promptly, via more assassinations, tailor made at the White House Murder Inc., eliminating General Francois El-Hajj who was too close for comfort with Hizbullah...., and "supported" the Arab League initiative to Lebanon, backing Army Commander Michel Suleiman for president.... This explains why even France started sending signals to Syria through two phone calls between the clownish Nicolas Sarkozy and Bashar Al-Assad, the stooge of Assef Shawkat and Bushra.

But then the elections failed, over and over again, and the finger was pointed at the CIA yet again. Lebanon today has been without a president since November, and the regional and international community believe that this is the doing of the American thugs at CIA, which is close to the Syrians. The Arab leaders, through official and semi-official media outlets, began leaking news that they will attend the Damascus summit, right after the barbaric incursion if Israeli forces into Gaza, and the uproar generated on purpose by the Israeli actions, deliberately, in order to Help the fledgling support to the Syrians, within the Lebanese opposition, following the Assassination of Moughniah in Damascus by Assef Shawkat's murder squads....

"Those Lebanese who are betting on the United States flexing its muscles will be disappointed. Washington cannot impose the solution it wants. The way out has to be based on a Lebanese consensus," .


من يتحمّل مسؤوليّة الانهيار المسيحي؟

01 آذار 2008

جوزف ريشا - عشرون سنة مرّت والوجود المسيحي في لبنان يسجّل انحداراً ما دونه انحدار... السؤال البديهي هنا من يتحمل المسؤولية؟ من المنطقي ألّا نجد صعوبة كبيرة في الإجابة عن هذا السؤال، وخاصة أن الانهيار المسيحي حدث ويحدث في ظلّ القيادات والمرجعيات نفسها منذ أكثر من عقدين: الكاردينال صفير على رأس الكنيسة، العماد عون والسيد سمير جعجع على رأس أكبر شريحتين شعبيتين، بالإضافة إلى زعامات عائلية وإقطاعية تتماهى مع واحدة من هذه المرجعيات ولكن بشكل خاص مع الكنيسة لحسابات تاريخية كثيراً ما جمعت الإقطاع الديني والعائلي حتى في خندق واحد.
فرغم الهزائم العسكرية التي مني بها المسيحيون مع بداية الثمانينيات نتيجة إقحام المجتمع المسيحي في محور متحالف مع إسرائيل ومن ثم مع دول غربية تخلت عنه عند أول مفترق، بقي هذا المجتمع متماسكاً بعض الشيء لحين ولادة اتفاق الطائف، ومن هنا بدأت المشكلة، وما قبل الاتفاق وبعده نوجز أهم المراحل:
ــ من عام 1984 لغاية عام 1988 قبل وصول العماد عون إلى رئاسة الحكومة العسكرية قام السيد سمير جعجع بخمسة انقلابات و«تصحيحات» وانتفاضات وإلغاءات ضدّ كل من قائد القوات السابق فؤاد أبو ناضر ورئيس الهيئة التنفيذية في القوات إيلي حبيقة والرئيس السابق أمين الجميل لأسباب متنوعة، من توحيد الجهد العسكري ورفع يد السيطرة العائلية الجميلية عن قيادة القوات وبالتالي المجتمع المسيحي، إلى ضرب الاتفاق الثلاثي الذي يتضمّن تنازلات مسيحية، ومن ثم حربين ضدّ الجيش اللبناني بقيادة عون. ــ نهاية الحرب العسكرية باجتياح سوري لقصر بعبدا عام 1990 وهزيمة عون وتطبيق اتفاق الطائف برعاية أميركية ــ سورية ــ سعودية.
ــ زمن الوصاية الشاملة من عام 1990 لغاية الانسحاب السوري بعد اغتيال الرئيس رفيق الحريري ومرحلة الأزمة الحالية المستمرة.
هنا، وبعد سرد هذه المحطات الرئيسية، نطرح الأسئلة التالية التي يمكن وضعها في خانة الأسئلة الاتهامية:

1 ـ لماذا حدث النزف داخل الصف المسيحي خلال الانتفاضات والتصحيحات وما إلى ذلك من تسميات لمعارك، بحجة رفع اليد العائلية وتوحيد الجهد الحربي وحفظ المقاومة، وما دام السيد جعجع سيكون أول من يسلّم السلاح إلى جمهورية الطائف كما أنه اليوم الذراع الشوارعية للإقطاعيات العائلية والطبقية والمدافع الشرس عن البيوتات السياسية والسلالات.
2 ـ لماذا أهدرت أرواح مئات الشباب المسيحي خلال هجوم جعجع على إيلي حبيقة لإلغاء الاتفاق الثلاثي، ما دام جعجع بغطائه العسكري والكاردينال صفير بغطائه الروحي سيمهّدان الطريق أمام اتفاق الطائف الأكثر إجحافاً بحق المسيحيين.
3 ـ لماذا الدفاع المستميت عن الطائف من جانب الكاردينال صفير والسيد جعجع واعتبار أنّ شوائبه تتلخّص فقط بعدم التطبيق الصحيح متغاضين عن ثُغره الكثيرة وعن تحويل الرئيس الماروني إلى منصب كرتوني.
4 ـ لماذا دخل السيد جعجع مشاركاً في أولى حكومات الاحتلال السوري بعد عام 1990.
5 ـ لماذا عاد الكاردينال صفير واعترف بمجلس النوّاب المُقاطَع من جانب المسيحيّين واستقبل نوّابه المنتخبين بأصوات لا تتجاوز الثلاثة أصفار بحيث أعطاهم اعترافاً حجبه عنهم الشعب.

6 ـ لماذا عاد الكاردينال صفير إلى تغطية الفئة المسيحية الموالية للحريرية بعد موقفه الشهير لدى تطبيق قانون غازي كنعان الانتخابي؟.
7 ـ لماذا يقوم الكاردينال صفير بمهاجمة المعارضة المسيحية بشكل شبه دائم بينما لا يحرّك ساكناً عن رفض جعجع ــــــ الجميل لقانون 1960 الانتخابي الذي أيّده مراراً، وهل بات سيد بكركي ومسيحيوه المفضّلون خط دفاع عن المشروع الحريري، إلى حد إعلان جعجع جهاراً رفض قانون 1960 بحجة أنه ليس لمصلحة المسيحيين وعدّد الأسباب التالية:
أ ـ رفض إبقاء قضائي بعلبك والهرمل دائرة واحدة (مع العلم أن كلّاً من القضاءين يمثّل منفرداً أو متّحداً غالبية شيعية جارفة).
ب ـ رفض إبقاء قضاءي مرجعيون وحاصبيا دائرة واحدة (مع العلم أن ضم القضاءين في دائرة واحدة يجعل من المسيحيين في حال تحالفهم مع سنّة الشريط الحدودي وحلفاء جعجع الدروز أغلبية راجحة).
ولكن مهلاً، الغاية من رفض القانون من جانب جعجع ومسيحيي الحريري ليست بخافية على جاهل فهي:
أولاً: الخوف على مسيحيي السلطة في أقضية زغرتا ـــــ الكورة والبترون حيث للمعارضة المسيحية أرجحية كبيرة.
ثانياً: الخوف على وليد جنبلاط وتحجيمه في الجبل الدرزي حيث سيخسر حتماً قضاء بعبدا حيث الأرجحية للمعارضة.
ثالثاً: الخوف على الحليف السني في بيروت، حيث إن تقسيم العاصمة إلى 3 دوائر سيفقد سيطرة السنّة الكاملة على المناطق المسيحية والشيعية من العاصمة.