Wikileak [21]: Elias Murr is an American-Israeli SPY first and foremost....


Michel Sleiman is a CIA agent, stooge and Puppet as well..., Hence in time, he will take back Elias CIA El-Murr under his CIA wings...., regardless his "preference..." because of Elias MURR's utterance in public about the weak Sleiman personality...which is very true indeed....that's why he was chosen by the CIA...


ليس المر هو العرص ولكن العرص هو من اصر على جلبه وزيرا للدفاع مع علمه بانه خائن
(اشك بان للرئيس وجهة نظر ترى غير مصلحته الشخصية ومصلحة صهره ومصلحة حلمه ببناء تيار سياسي يقوده بعد خروجه من الحكم ) . الرئيس فهو شخص حربائي عرف عنه التلون بما لا يخرج عن عقيدة مرج دابق (إللي بفوز بالمعركة منقاتل معو بعد وضوح ميل الكفة لصالحه)

.....جاسوس تابع لـ"السي آي إي إلياس المر

يبدو أن لا محل للحد الأدنى من البطولة في لبنان، يبدو أن لا محل للحد الأدنى من الحقيقة، إننا نعوم على الكذب والعار بوقاحة، إننا نعيش في دولة تعاقبنا إذا انهزمت عوض أن نحاسبها نحن على هزيمتها، إننا نعيش تحت حكم يخون الذين خانهم ويرسم الضحايا مجرمين والمجرمين ضحايا، إننا نعيش تحت حكم الغباء والجبن، سائبين في دولة سائبة، مغشوشين بكل شيئ...

Michel CIA SLEIMAN and Elias CIA-MOSSAD El-MURR have sown Hell fire and now they can reap the whirlwind.....

From Edward Bulwer-Lytton's The Last Days of Pompeii:
Thou that hast sown the wind with conquest, shall reap the harvest and the whirlwind of desolation....

....Elias El-Murr is an American-Israeli SPY first and foremost...., like father like son...,"Syrian Intelligence DOGS" and like their crooked uncle GABY MURR and his family of spies for CIA/MOSSAD....



إلياس المر صعد قطار الخيانة, فهل يكون آخـر
2. (S) Charge, Defense Attache and ODC Chief met with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Elias Murr on March 10 at his home in Rabieh. The atmosphere of the meeting was cordial and friendly.....like in a [SCIF...].....

5. (S) As for the areas further north in Lebanon such as Keserwan and the Metn, Murr confirmed that Shia are renting in high numbers there because they feel that Israel is going to attack soon. Such action could take place as early as April 2008, he warned. ....Murr also told us that Hassan Nasrallah's cousin has moved his family out of the southern suburbs, the Dahiyya, and rented a chalet in the resort town of Farayya for a year. According to Murr, this means that Nasrallah is on high alert. In addition to renting homes in these areas, Hizballah is making many concessions to the Christians who live in these areas. In a meeting three weeks ago between top Hizballah officials such as Wafiq Safa and March 14 members at MoD Headquarters in Yarze, Hizballah agreed to all of the Christians demands. The two most notable concessions were that Hizballah will not place any signage with Nabih Berri or Hassan Nasrallah's image in these locations and that Hizballah will not have a visible presence in these areas...... During this same meeting, March 14 members learned that Hizballah has rockets that can fly over 200 kilometers.
7. (S) Murr told us that Hizballah is not "internally convinced" that it can win this time. It was internally convinced that it could win in 2006. Murr predicted that Hizballah's war with Israel will not be like 2006 .... Murr harbors no illusion that they will not get bogged down in the village a second time. Instead, Murr thinks they will bypass strongholds in villages and pursue the main forces, the rockets. "I am sure Hizballah is scared and they are preparing for a severe lesson this time," Murr said. ...... (S) Murr related that Saudi journalist Ghassan Charbel of the Al-Hayat newspaper recently returned to Beirut from Damascus where he met with Bashar Al-Assad. .....He does not see anything at all happening this year in Lebanon, Charbel had said. Murr seemed to think otherwise, reporting that Syria has recalled 250,000 migrant agricultural workers from Lebanon who also serve in the Syrian military reserves....... Returning to the theme of a wary Hizballah, Murr told us that "they (Hizballah) are scared, terrorized. They know the Israelis will not lose again." Murr thinks that Ehud Barak is a very different Minister of Defense... Additionally, President Bush is coming to Israel in May, so they think that this new war must be completed by that time.
13. (S) When asked what role Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun is playing right now, Murr deadpanned that he is "going insane." Retired BG Fouad Ashkar, an Aoun advisor dating to Aoun's time as Lebanese Army Commander, came to see Murr on March 9 to discuss weapons permits for Aoun's bodyguards. Murr told Ashkar that he was authorized only ten permits. Aoun had recently contacted Murr's father to try and pressure the MinDef into agreeing to fifty weapons permits. A defiant Murr told Ashkar to "go get some of your Hizballah suicide bombers to serve as bodyguards," the sub-context being that perhaps Michel Aoun would get blown up along the way......
18. (S) Making clear that he was not responsible for passing messages to Israel, Murr told us,...if Israel has to bomb all of these places in the Shia areas as a matter of operational concern, that is Hizballah's problem. According to Murr, this war is not with Lebanon, it is with Hizballah. ..... As such, Murr is trying to ascertain how long an offensive would be required to clean out Hizballah in the Beka'a. The LAF will move to pre-position food, money, and water with these units so they can stay on their bases when Israel comes for Hizballah--discreetly, Murr added. (S) Murr also gave guidance to Sleiman that the LAF should not get involved "when Israel comes." .... that he promised Sleiman the political cover for LAF inaction. .....For Murr, the LAF's strategic objective was to survive a three week war "completely intact" and able to take over once Hizballah's militia has been destroyed. ......


Cedar Sweep was definitely “carried out on Israel’s behalf by the Americans?” There is a direct Elias Murr et al link via US intel operations over Lebanon to Israel… : The US/ISRAELI SPY Elias El-Murr et al are going to need a good lawyer among other things....”


Wikileaks: "Elias Murr is known for telling people what they want to hear..."
C O N F I D E N T I A L BEIRUT 002583
2. (C) Murr assured A/S Welch ... not getting into specific areas of deployment, as he had in a previous meeting with Ambassador Feltman two days ago (reftel), said that the role of the LAF would be to "secure the Blue Line, secure any rockets, and stop any Hizballah or Palestinian militant infiltration in the region." 3. (C) Murr stressed that he has complete LAF buy-in for this plan. According to Murr, not a single Shi'ite LAF soldier has defected to the Hizballah militant ranks during the current conflict. He claimed that Shi'a make up 36 per cent of the LAF, down from 58 per cent just a few years ago. Contrary to rumor, the LAF has not once assisted Hizballah with firing rockets into northern Israel,... Murr said that the LAF already has the manpower and highly-qualified special units, but he hopes that the "Saudis and Gulfis" can provide equipment. 5. (C) Murr does not believe that Shi'a acceptance of the LAF deployment plan is an indication that the military could be led into a trap whereby it is dragged into a conflict with Israel in the South. Claiming that "Nabih Berri is praying in his heart to be free of Hizballah politically," Murr said that Berri would never agree to a scheme to trap the army in the South. (Note: Most of the Shi'a in the LAF are followers of Berri's Amal party. End Note.) Murr is more worried that Hizballah and Syria will recede into the background only to ally with the "new al-Qaeda" - Sunni jihadi groups in northern Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley - to support attacks on the LAF in those areas. Again, with the right equipment, Murr believes he can face down that challenge while ensuring security in the South.... 7. (C/NF) Murr admitted that he does not know Berri's or Siniora's stance on these issues, but said he wants to propose to the Lebanese Cabinet that UNIFIL troop numbers in the South be increased from 2,000 to 12,000, with the aim of gaining a Cabinet compromise for 8,000. The Cabinet would then have to agree on the text of a letter to SYG Annan requesting the UNIFIL augmentation. For domestic consumption, Siniora will have to phrase the letter in such a way that the force is needed to "protect Lebanon from Israeli aggression" and to "help people return to their villages." Murr said the letter would not request a Chapter VII force, since Hizballah would never agree to such language in a GOL request, but suggested that upon receiving the letter UN SYG Annan would ask that the force come under Chapter VII since he could portray it as necessary for the security of the UN troops. "Let Kofi ask for it. He could phrase it like, 'I can not send my men there without any protection.'" Murr stressed, however, that both Israel and the USG should remain publicly mute on the Chapter VII issue so as not to provoke a Hizballah rejection. [COMMENT]: 8. (C) Murr is known for telling people what they want to hear. .......................... End Comment.

ليس المر هو العرص ولكن العرص هو من اصر على جلبه وزيرا للدفاع مع علمه بانه خائن

هناك مشكلة في لبنان إسمها ما هيدا لبنان ....
لك أيه كـ........ ام لبنان إذ بدو يضل الياس المر وزيرا للدفاع في دولة تزعم المقاومة فيها أنها أنهت العصر الاسرائيلي في وقت لا تزال لاسرائيل جزر إستناد ورؤوس جذور تبدا من القصر الجمهوري ولا تنتهي في بطريركية صفير مرورا بالعميل الصغير فؤاد السنيورة والعميل الاصغر الاسخر إبن خوفو الحرامية رفيق الحريري


انها فضيحة العصر يا معالي الخائن

قرأت جوابك البارحة على ما اضطلع عليه اللبنانيون وانا منهم من فظائع ارتكبتها في محاضر اجتماعاتك مع السفيرة الأميريكية ترتقي الى ما لا يقل عن تهمة الخيانة العظمى ان حدثت في اي شبه دولة او كيان كجمهورية الموز مثلاً, وكان جوابك حقيقة مليء بالخفة وقلة المسؤولية مِن من كان يوحي دائماً بهالة رجل الدولة التي لم تغُشني يوماً اذ كنت دائما اشهد على فشل بعد آخر تقوم به نتيجة لضيق حساباتك ولإتكالك على تعامي من يتبعونك ويغطونك, ومن بينها طريقة تعاملك مع حرب نهر البارد الذي كانت فضيحة بحد ذاتها, ومن ثم مؤخراً استدعائك لصحفي للتحقيق معه بعد مؤتمر صحفي متوتر, ولربما هنا ايضاً تفكر باستدعاء مؤسس ويكيليكس للتحقيق معه ؟.

الوقت ليس لصالحك, إذ ان ما صدر عنك لا يليق بمسؤول لبناني وكيف اذا كان وزير دفاع يَفصل في مؤوسسة الجيش بين طوائفه وولائات ابنائه, ويَفصل بين اللبنانيين الى فريقين حيث يقترح ان تكون الحرب الأسرائيلية الأفتراضية موجهة ضد فريق منهم وليس ضد لبنان مع الدعوة الى عدم تدخل الجيش اللبناني في الدفاع عن لبنان فهذا عيب وطني , مؤدياً دور التنازل الكامل والفاضح عن سيادتنا الوطنية الى الأجنبي وإدخاله في زواريبنا السياسية لتحقيق مكسب فردي عقيم على قياس بتغرين او أفل.

لذلك وبسبب كل ما سبق ومن دون إضافات تفصيلية اخرى ادعوك ولحفظ ما تبقى من ماء الوجه الى الإستقالة الفورية واعتزال كامل للعمل السياسي ووضع نفسك في تصرف اية لجنة نيابية او قضائية للتحقيق قد تًشكل في المستقبل علَك بذلك تمثل قدوة للأخرين الذين صدرت اسماؤهم في هذه المحاضر, استقالة من دون تردد ولوفكة عن طريق استعمال التعمية السنيورية السياسية الفارغة التي تدَعي دائما عدم الإقدام على الإستقالة خوفاً من الفراغ, فلبنان وعلى مدى التاريخ برهن انه مليء بالقيادات التي تحترم مواقعها وتؤدي واجباتها بوطنية وحرفية. وكذلك أطلب من خائن رئيس الجمهورية ان يرفع عنك الغطاء السياسي لأن موقعك لم يعد قابل للدعم وبت تشكل عبئاً على المصداقية العامة للحكم, وادعوه ايضاً لفتح تحقيق جنائي مع المسؤولين التي تضمنت اسماؤهم الوثاق الدامغة التي اعترفت بصدقيتها الدولة الأميريكية بذاتها

إعترف المرتزق والمقاول بالباطن للاعمال الخاصة بالاختراقات الاسرائيلية في الجيش اللبناني المدعو الياس المر بان ما ورد عن لسانه في وثائق ويكيليكس ليس دقيقا ...... تلك الوثائق كما معروف تمثل تقارير وزارة الخارجية الاميركية السرية التي تتلقاها من الديبلوماسيين الاميركيين في بيروت بعد لقاءاتهم بالمسؤولين في ذلك البلد

في الوثيقة الخاصة بالمدعو الياس المر ورد ان المر قال للسفيرة الاميركية انه طلب من الجيش اللبناني ومن قائده ميشال سليمان الوقوف موقف الحياد في حال شنت إسرائيل هجوما على حزب الله بالبقاع اللبناني ومن ضمن ما قاله المر لسيسون ما يمكن إعتباره بكل بساط عمالة وخيانة ودسيسة لدى العدو وتعريض وحدة وسلامة الاراضي اللبنانية للخطر لان المر يعرف بان ما يقوله يمثل إخبارا ستنقله سيسون للاسرائيليين لكي لا يحسبوا حساب الجيش في اي معركة قادمة ضد لبنان
لكن تعليق وزير دفاع ميشال سليمان دقيق لان ما ليس دقيقا فيما ورد عن لسانه في التقارير الاميركية هو إكتفائهم بالاشارة إلى أن المر سيسعى لتحييد الجيش والصحيح أنه لم يحيده بل سيدفع به إلى المشاركة في حرب إسرائيل على لبنان عبر الوحدات الخاصة التي تمولها إسرائيل وأميركا عبر الكونغرس الاميركي لكي تكون ذراع ميشال المر المشارك في ضرب حزب الله مع إسرائيل

ليس المر هو العرص ولكن العرص هو من اصر على جلبه وزيرا للدفاع مع علمه بانه خائن

هناك مشكلة في لبنان إسمها ما هيدا لبنان ....
لك أيه كـ........ ام لبنان إذ بدو يضل الياس المر وزيرا للدفاع في دولة تزعم المقاومة فيها أنها أنهت العصر الاسرائيلي في وقت لا تزال لاسرائيل جزر إستناد ورؤوس جذور تبدا من القصر الجمهوري ولا تنتهي في بطريركية صفير مرورا بالعميل الصغير فؤاد السنيورة والعميل الاصغر الاسخر إبن خوفو الحرامية رفيق الحريري


لم يكن الياس المر، في العام 2001، أنهى سنته الأولى وزيراً للداخلية حين قال في حوار مع صحيفة عربية ما استحق فعلاً أن يكون عنواناً: لم أرث السلطة من والدي وزير الداخلية السابق ميشال المر ولا من حمي رئيس الجمهورية (السابق) اميل لحود.
لم تضع الصحيفة رسماً لوجه يبتسم في آخر العنوان. فالوزير لم يكن يمزح إذ جمعَ مجدين كهذين معاً لينفي أنهما سبب وصوله إلى الداخلية.

عنوان كهذا، مستعاداً بعد نحو عشر سنوات على وجود الياس المر في الحياة السياسية اللبنانية، لن يكون مفاجئاً. فالوزير ذو الابتسامة المتكلفة والملامح الجامدة أبداً على التعبير الرصين لمن تؤخذ له صورة شمسية، من النادر أن مرّ تصريح له أو مؤتمر صحافي او مقابلة تلفزيونية من دون أن يطلق مواقف وعبارات لا يمكن التعاطي معها إلا بوصفها مذهلة.
نعم. مذهلة لقدرتها على الذهاب بعيداً في الغرابة. فلا يعود للبناني وهو يستمع إلى الوزير «الرصين» إلا التحديق بغير ان يرمش، مفكراً: كيف يمكن للوجه الوقور أن تخرج منه هذه الكلمات؟ سؤال لا جواب عليه، مذ تلك الحبكة التراجيدية عن المسؤول الذي وجد نفسه عالقاً في «ضميره الشهير» بين عمه غبريال المر وشقيقته ميرنا المر. ومذ راح يطلق معاركه غير المرحة، على عكس معارك دون كيشوت، يوماً مع «الإرهاب» ويوماً آخر مع «المخدرات» وثالثاً مع «التطرف» وطبعاً مع «عبدة الشياطين» الظاهرة التي قضى عليها الوزير تماماً بدليل أن لا أحد ممن خلفوه في وزارة الداخلية تجرأ على ذكرها من بعده.

هكذا، راكم الوزير المر من الهفوات الكلامية ما يحرج جبلاً، ولم يهتز. ابن «القبضاي» لن يقبل بأن يكون أقل من السيد الوالد إصراراً على التفوه بالغرائب، لا بل إنه تفوق عليه، وشق طريقه في عالم الفرادة وحده، حتى بات ظاهرة في حد ذاته. وصار كلما حكى أوحى بالثقة بأن الكوكب، ما لم يكن يدور من أجله، فهو على أقل تقدير، يدور حوله.
بسبب لسانه، سرعان ما قضى على الانطباع الذي أراده لصورته، والذي عمل عليه مع اصدقاء له، اعلاميين، كسياسي مختلف. رغبته الدفينة بأن يكون نجماً شعبياً جعلته يطلق عبارات مثل «الاستقالة من الوزارة لم تعد مهمة، بعدما استقلت من نفسي وبيتي وعائلتي وقريتي من اجل تطبيق القانون». الرغبة نفسها جعلته ينخرط في ادوار شبه سينمائية من الدرجة الثالثة. في مرّة لعب دور المخطوف في مناورة لقوى الأمن لتحرير رهائن في طائرة مدنية (بعد وقوع 11 ايلول بفترة قصيرة) وفي مرّة ثانية مشهورة، أنقذ مصرفاً من خاطف غامض.. الى الكثير من مفاجآته التي كان آخرها صندوق التبرع للجيش، وتبرّعه له (أين صار الصندوق؟).

أدواره ارتدت عليه سلباً بالطبع، لكنه لم يكترث، لأنه ببساطة، ليس ممن يشعرون بالحرج. فاذا أراد الانقلاب على خط سياسي، وقف في مجلس الوزراء، في أيام صعود تيار 14 آذار، امام حميه نفسه، ليتلو خطاباً حزيناً عاتباً مفعماً بالضمير على «فخامة الرئيس». من دون أن يحرجه للحظة إقحام اولاده في جلسة لمجلس الوزراء يكرر فيها التوجه إلى جنرال مثل إميل لحود، جالساً على كرسي بلد يهتز من اقصاه إلى اقصاه، قائلاً له: «يا جد اولادي». من دون أن يلسعه في عنقه ذاك الظن بأن وزيراً واحداً على الأقل من هؤلاء يحدق فيه ساخراً من هذه التلاوة المريرة لفعل الندامة كي يُقبل إن ليس في نادي الثوار، فعلى هامشه.. لا بأس.

على ان الوزير لا يندم على ما يقول، لأنه يجيد ما يفعل. يحالفه حظ الاذكياء الذين سعوا فلاقوا. مكان الرئيس السابق، «جد الأولاد»، يأتي آخر مدين للوزير بآخر منصبين شغلهما، قيادة الجيش ورئاسة الجمهورية. يستمر الوزير قوياً، وكما فتحت لغيره، تفتح ابواب الشام له ولو بعد طول توسّط. وكما نُسي كلام غيره يُنسى كلامه الذي ظل. وما دام قادراً وحده، على تركيب مواقف تكون فيها سوريا و«حزب الله» واميركا اصدقاءه، فهو قوي وباقٍ، قبضاي كما والده، لكن بطريقة عصرية. فإذا ألمح صحافي إلى شبهة حوله قام الوزير ولم يقعد، وساق الصحافي مخفوراً وهدد وأرعد.. وأزبد بحق الإعلام كله، فتلاشى أي تعاطف كان يمكن أن يقف إلى جانبه. أما إذا كُشفت تلك الوثيقة عن كلامه المعيب للسفيرة الأميركية ميشيل سيسون، اكتفى ببيان لا يقول شيئاً إلا عدم اكتراث الوزير بما أسرّ به للسفيرة الاميركية هو الذي لم يكترث قط لكل ما استمر يقوله في العلن.

ثمة طريق شقها الوزير الياس المر في السياسة وحده. من الطبيعي ان تكون الوثيقة التي خرجت عن «ويكيليكس» مفترقاً اساسياً فيها. وزير الدفاع المؤتمن ليس على حدود البلاد فحسب، بل على شرفها وتضحياتها ووفائها، على ما يقول شعار عسكرها، عليه أن يكون شفافاً بما يكفي لأن يضع نفسه في تصرف مجلس الوزراء، ليدافع عن أهليته للأمانة التي في عنقه. لم يفعل. كلامه المخجل عن الجيش الذي يجب ألا يحارب، وعن المقاومة، يفترض المنطق ان يكون خاتمة غير مشرّفة لحياة سياسية اذا كان صحيحاً. لكن، كيف نعرف دقته ووزير الدفاع لم يهب هذه المرة هبة المطعون في كرامته ليشرح موقفه بالتفصيل البطيء المملّ الذي عوّد اللبنانيين عليه، بل اكتفى بأن أوحى، في بيانه بان زلزال «ويكيليكس» الذي يضرب العالم هذه الايام، هو مؤامرة ضده شخصياً؟

فضّل المر ألا يواجه الوثيقة. وفي بيانه الثاني أمس لجأ إلى ما يشبه دبّ الصوت. رفعَ محاولة اغتياله، الجريمة البشعة المدانة، قميص دم يهدد به من يطالبه بما قاله للأميركيين. استنجد برئيس الجمهورية، برئيس الحكومة، بالشهداء، بالشعب اللبناني وبالقضاء الذي ينطق باسمه، ورمى الاتهامات جزافاً، وقرر من غير سبب واضح ألا يحضر مجلس الوزراء، الا اذا شاء تجنب احتمال وقوعه في الإحراج ان طولب بتفسير ما جاء في الوثيقة. لكنه امتحان سهل هذا الذي هرب منه صاحب الملكة الغريبة على عدم الاحساس بأي حرج. حتى ولو كان الكلام المنقول عنه يعرّيه أمام بلاده ورئيسها ومجلسي نوابها ووزرائها، وامام جيشها وشعبها.

هو، على الرغم مما نعرفه عن ضميره، لن يتقدم ليطالب بسؤاله عما قاله. ولن يجد من يسأله في هذه الجمهورية التي لا يُسأل فيها أحد عما قال أو فعل

بارع في التمثيل ولعب الأدوار البطولية هو وزير الدفاع الوطني الياس المر، وتاريخه القريب والبعيد في هذا المجال خير دليل على ذلك. فهو البطل الذي ما إن هزمته وثائق ويكيليكس ونشرت إعترافاته الخطيرة التي يجب أن يحاكم عليها فيما لو كان للبنان دولة بكل ما للكلمة من معنى، حتى سارع الى الإعلان انه لن يشارك في جلسة مجلس الوزراء ما لم يدرج على جدول الأعمال بند محاولة إغتياله وكأن المر يريد من اللبنانيين أن يصدقوا هذه المسرحية التي يقضي فصلها الثاني بزيارته السرايا الحكومية والإجتماع برئيس الحكومة سعد الحريري، ليعلن المر "البطل" بعدها أن البند الذي طلبه أدرج على جدول الأعمال وبالتالي هو سيشارك في جلسة ما بات يعرف بـ"الشهود الزور".

منذ فترة وجيزة، كان المر "البطل" نفسه يفقد صوابه في مؤتمر صحافي وصل به الأمر خلاله الى حدّ تهديد الصحافيين والإعلاميين بإستدعائهم وتوقيفهم فيما لو نشروا خبراً منسوباً الى مصادر متابعة، ويتعلق بوزارة الدفاع أو بالجيش اللبناني، ملوحاً أنه يجب على كل صحافي أن يكشف عن مصادره. ومن حيث لا يدري أقحم الياس المر نفسه في معركة تحد مع الإعلام والصحافة، معروفة نتائجها، حتى وصل الأمر ببعض الزملاء الى تحديه عبر الصفحات الأولى وبلغة المخاطب كل ذلك من دون أن يحرك المر ساكناً ومن دون ان يجرؤ على إستدعاء أحدهم ثانية.

مسرحية أخرى لا بدّ من التوقف عندها، برع المر في دور بطولتها، ألا وهي تسليح الجيش اللبناني وتزويده بالطائرات المتطورة تارة من روسيا وطوراً من الولايات المتحدة الأميركية، والجميع يعرف أن وزير الدفاع مارس في هذه المسرحية إحدى هواياته المفضلة وهي السفر من بلد الى آخر من دون أن يحقق إنجازاً تسلّحياً جوياً واحداً حتى اللحظة.

وهل من أحد نسي كيف أخرج الياس المر مسرحية السابع من آب من العام 2001 يوم ضرب شباب التيار الوطني الحر أمام قصر العدل في بيروت؟

أما في الشأن الإرهابي فحدث ولا حرج. فالياس المر نفسه أعلن قبل حوالى شهرين من إنتهاء معارك مخيم نهر البارد بين الجيش اللبناني وتنظيم فتح الإسلام حسم المعركة الميدانية وإنتهاءها كان ذلك عبر برنامج "كلام الناس". والياس المر نفسه نزل مدججاً بالدروع البشرية لإقناع أحد الإرهابيين المصطنعين من قبله بعدم تفجير الحزام الناسف الذي كان يرتديه أمام أحد مصارف بيروت قبل أعوام قليلة.

وهو الذي لعب دور البطولة أيضاً في عدم إعلان نتيجة إنتخابات المتن الفرعية في حزيران من العام 2002.

وهل ينسى عمه غبريال، النائب المسلوبة نيابته، كيف أشرف الياس "البطل" على إقفال محطة ال mtv في أيلول من العام 2002؟

غيض من فيض هي هذه الأدوار البطولية لهذا الممثل البارع الذي وبالتأكيد لم يعد مكتبه يتسع لجوائز الأوسكار التي حصدها منها.

لقد حولت وزارة واحدة إلى مزرعة لإدارة مصالحك الشخصية وخلافات عائلتك الانتخابية

أطلّ علينا الياس المرّ ضمن مسلسل "الحقيقة ...." ولأنه احترف التزوير رأينا أنه من الضروري أن نردّ عليه ليس بهدف الردّ بل احتراماًَ منا للرأي العام.

1- حين تسلّمنا منك الوزارة كنت في حالة من الانهيار العصبي لا تحسد عليها فقدّرنا ظروفك، ولم نسألك حتى عن مقدّرات الوزارة مع علمنا كيف كنت "تبكي وتشكي" عند عمك وعند أوصيائك. ومشهد التسلم والتسليم شاهد على وضعك النفسي آنذاك.

2- اللبنانيون يدركون أنك لست المرجع الصالح للسؤال فنحن من تعاقب على العمل الوزاري وفي وزارات مختلفة فيما أنت حوّلت وزارة واحدة مزرعة لإدارة مصالحك الشخصية ومصالح وخلافات عائلتك الانتخابية.

3- أما نحن فلا نخفي ولا ننكر كل ما قمنا به أو قدمناه والناس هم من يحكم اذا كان هناك من مصلحة شخصية لنا على عكسك تماماً أنت الذي لم تقم يوماً إلا بما يعود لمصلحتك الشخصية ولأهدافك الخاصة. وتاريخك حافل بالانجازات من بنك المدينة إلى غيرها من الفضائح من ويكيليكس إلى الحقيقة ليكس.
وهنا نسأل كيف للجنة التحقيق الدولية أن تطالب يوماً بالكشف عن حساباتك ومن دون تبرير يتم إبطال الطلب فتتحول من مطلوب إلى متعاون!
ويبقى أن اللبنانيين يسألون بل يتساءلون من أين لك هذه "الموهبة" مرة تصاهر، مرة تستزلم، مرة تستسلم، ومرات تزوّر لكي تبقى في السلطة في كل مرة


Wikileaks: Michelle Sison:"Elias Murr is full of it!"

Wikileaks: Elias Murr: "Bearded, dirty Hezbollah fighters are taking over the Christian areas!"

Wikileaks: After being scolded by Eric Edelman, Michel Suleiman: "Sacrifice yourselves to protect Hariri & Jumblatt!"

I’d catch a grenade for ya
Throw my hand on a blade for ya
Original in English, tomorrow: Excerpt:
"... 12. Chargé d'affaires told (Michel)Suleiman that the embassy has spoken to a Lebanese army officer who complained that 'the politicians have gotten us in this mess' and that it was not the duty of the army that protects them ... The Charge told Suleiman that this was 'unacceptable' and that the Grand Serail must be protected the Grand Serail as well as the homes of political leaders, especially in light of rumors circulating about the possibility of exposure of these sites to 'attacks during the night'... During that meeting with Suleiman, the Charge got a call from Assistant Secretary of Defense Eric Edelman to consult with existing work and to speak to Suleiman. After scolding Suleiman, stressing the expectations of the U.S. government .... Suleiman immediately contacted his field commanders. Suleiman reiterated his orders to the commander of the regiment Brigadier Qais Saleh, a Shiite. Suleiman said specifically, 'you will defend the Grand Serail and Quraytem and Clemenceau to death. Sacrifice yourselves to protect these places. The enemy must pass over your dead bodies to enter..."

Wikileaks: Saad Hariri: "Just fly a plane over Damascus or send the Sixth Fleet to Syria's shore!"

C O N F I D E N T I A L 02 BEIRUT 000663

Wikileaks: Michel Sison: "Privately, Geagea is working with Ashraf Rifi on buying ammunition for his LF fighters, at list price from other countries"

C O N F I D E N T I A L 02 BEIRUT 000669
... ... ... 3. (C) Lebanese Forces (LF) leader Samir Geagea and Minister of Tourism and loyal LF member Joseph Sarkis stopped by the Embassy at 1800 on May 12 to report to the Charge, A/DCM, Defense Attache, and PolOff on his day of meetings with key political figures. Geagea declared at the outset that he had visited Prime Minister Fouad Siniora earlier in the day at 1500, and "Siniora is doing excellently," which we note is an improvement from the previous day (Ref A). Geagea explained that the PM is isolated from the outside world since he is holed up for security reasons at the Grand Serail. 4. (C) Geagea reported that he visited the PM to convince him to convene the Cabinet in order to discuss withdrawing its May 5 decisions to transfer the head of airport security and declare Hizballah's fiber optics network illegal (Ref B). Siniora rejected his appeal, Geagea relayed, and told him that the Cabinet cannot withdraw its decisions without a serious guarantee that the opposition will withdraw from the streets ... ... 5. (C) Concluding that Siniora would not budge, Geagea told us that we should urge March 14 leaders Saad Hariri and Walid Jumblatt to stop pushing Siniora. "The PM will not give anything for free," Geagea stated, himself agreeing with the PM. (Note: Jumblatt listed for us immediately before we saw Geagea the March 14 leaders who were now advocating the Cabinet withdraw its decisions, septel. End note.) ... ... ... ...
“Thus we say: No for weapons outside the state authority!"
Samir Geagea'
10. (C) Geagea noted that the current situation is not terrible, but that March 14 needed something significant to "hold Hizballah back." He offered, "We could turn a defeat into a victory." He told the Charge that the focus needs to shift to a more long-term look at how to defeat Hizballah. 11. (C) Privately, Geagea followed up on his previous requests for ammunition for his LF fighters (Ref D), and informed the Charge that he had seen Internal Security Forces (ISF) Director General Ashraf Rifi earlier in the day. Geagea reported that he is working with Rifi on buying ammunition at list price from other countries for himself and Walid Jumblatt. (Comment: We visited Rifi at 1300 today, May 12, and then saw him later in the afternoon at his close friend Saad's residence, septel. It looks like Geagea is moving along with his preparations to arm his fighters. End comment.)

Samir Geagea is a criminal thug and a killer, heading a CIA Proxy Militia since 1986, and it was resuscitated in 2005 with sheer CIA shenanigans and continues to be funded and armed by CIA and KSA.


NED, USAID and many others are CIA front organizations wall to wall.....

"In politics, nothing happens by accident...., especially the "formatted" release of a convicted war criminal from jail by CIA..., Geagea, who was serving a life sentence for multiple barbaric political assassinations...in Lebanon... If it happens you can bet it was planned that way...since 1998...."

NED, USAID and many others....like the US institute for Peace...or interfaith Dialogue...etc etc. are ALL CIA front organizations wall to wall.....


الحريري يصدّق أن عائلته غالية على قلب الكونغرس لتحليلات فايد وسلام

انتشت قوى 14 آذار بالانتصار الجمهوري في الانتخابات النصفيّة في أميركا. لم تخفِ غبطتها. لمَ لا؟ جون بولتون وأصدقاؤه من عتاة الصهاينة جمهوريّون في معظمهم وساهموا في تبنّي ما يسمّى ثورة آل الحريري (لم يقبّح اسم الثورة مثل ما لحقها من أذى جراء تسمية «ثورة الأرز»، والتسمية لموظفة في وزارة الخارجيّة الأميركيّة واسمها باولا دوبريانسكي). هناك في نشرة «المستقبل» وعلى مواقع 14 آذار من هلّل لِـ(ما ظنّ أنه) عودة المحافظين الجدد

لم يبد ارتباط حركة 14 آذار القوي بالخارج كما بدا بعدما وطئ أرض لبنان ولساعات فقط، جيفري فيلتمان. تغيّر الوضع السياسي برمّته. أميركا التي نسيت لبنان لسنتيْن اكتشفت فجأة أهميّة لبنان واعتبرت أن «الحقيقة» ـــــ وهي تُلفظ باللهجة البيروتيّة ـــــ تعني آل الكونغرس الأميركي مثلما تعني آل الحريري. كان فريق 14 آذار وكأنه تلقّى جرعة من المنشّطات بعد زيارة عزيزهم «جيف»: فجأة، لمّ البطريرك الماروني شمل قرنة شهوان بعد طول غياب. إلياس عطا الله (اليساري والديموقراطي والعلماني) يحضر على عجل اجتماعاً لـ«مسيحيّي 14 آذار»، على ألا يحضر أيّ من «سنّة 14 آذار» أو «شيعة 14 آذار» و«دروز 14 آذار» و«أقليّات 14 آذار» ـــــ والحركة، أي حركة 14 آذار، هي حركة وطنيّة جامعة تلتزم بقَسَم جبران تويني على أن يبقى اللبنانيّون منقسمين مسلمين ومسيحيّين، إلى أبد الآبدين، و«مللا مسخ وطن تخمين». ومصطفى علّوش قال إنه لا يخاف من سبعين 7 أيّار، وقال كلامه عشيّة زيارة السيناتور جون كيري. ومحطة «إم.تي.في» (التي رأت أن ماراثون بيروت «أثبت أن لبنان ليس بعيداً عن الخريطة العالميّة») تستقي من تصريحات جون كيري جرعة من الثقة بالنفس والاعتزاز. وكيري يشدّد على أنه لا شأن لأحد بالمحكمة وأن عملها سرّي مع أنه يوضّح أنها ستدين أفراداً لا طائفة، ويلمّح الى أن أميركا ستستميت لمعرفة «الحقيقة» لأن الشعب الأميركي ـــــ مثله مثل فهود الطريق الجديدة ـــــ معجب أشدّ الإعجاب بسعد ونادر الحريري. لن ينام الشعب الأميركي قبل معرفة الحقيقة. أما خدمة مصالح إسرائيل التي رعاها كيري في تاريخه الطويل فهي ليست ذات شأن إطلاقاً.
المهم أن أميركا تسهر على رعاية إسرائيل ومصالحها، ولهذا فهي ستسهر على 14 آذار. أي أن من يسهر على مصالح الليكود يسهر على مصالح 14 آذار. على الشعب اللبناني أن يعرف: 14 آذار رديف ليكودي ذيلي. خذوا أسرارهم من صغارهم: فارس خشّان ـــــ«إعلامي» آل الحريري، والابتذال والسوقيّة هما إعلام عند آل سعود وآل الحريري ـــــ يزهو على صفحته على الإنترنت بالسلاح الإسرائيلي وهو بشّر قرّاءه الأسبوع الماضي باقتناء إسرائيل لأسلحة «ذكيّة» جديدة. حركة 14 آذار كانت في يومها الأوّل مشروعاً أميركيّاً مُلصقاً بعقيدة بوش التي وضعت نصب عينيها التخلّص من أعداء إسرائيل. والتدخّل الأميركي في شؤون لبنان، وكل الدول النامية، يجري اليوم بمسمّيات مختلفة وتحت مظلّات جديدة. كان التدخّل الأميركي في أيّام الحرب الباردة فظّاً، يتولّى أمره أفراد من الاستخبارات الأميركيّة والقوّات المسلّحة. نُشر الكثير عن قيام عملاء لأميركا بقلب أنظمة وبنقل حقائب من النقود وبتدبير تظاهرات تبدو عفويّة (كما حدث في عمليّة «أجاكس»). عدة كتب نُشرت لوصف تلك المرحلة («حبال من رمل» و«لعبة الأمم» و«كل رجال الشاه» وغيرها). أما اليوم، فالولايات المتحدة تقوم بما تقوم به من خلال تدخّل مزدوج الأضلاع: فهي توازي بين التدخّل الكلاسيكي المُعتمد على القوّات المسلّحة والعناصر الاستخباريّة والحروب السريّة المُدمِّرة، بالإضافة الى التدخّل المُعتمِد على التمويل البريء من خلال منظمات «دعم الديموقراطيّة» عبر مؤسّسات «المؤسّسة الجمهوريّة الدوليّة» ـــــ ذراع التدخّل الخارجي للحزب الجمهوري الذي يحرص على «مراقبة» حتى الانتخابات البلديّة في بتغرين وبتدين اللقش ـــــ و«الوقف الوطني للديموقراطيّة» (وهذه المنظمّة المدعومة من الكونغرس الأميركي تمثّل الحزبيْن الرئيسيين هنا وتعرّف عن نفسها بأنها تدعم الحريّة حول العالم، كما أن المؤسّسة الجمهوريّة تعرّف عن نفسها بأنها تدعم الديموقراطيّة حول العالم). ومهازل دعم الديموقراطيّة الأميركي حول العالم تتمثّل بشخصيّة حميد قرضاي ونوري المالكي وشلّة أبو مازن في رام الله. والطريف أن تدخّل دعم الديموقراطيّة الأميركي يتناغم بالكامل مع المصالح الليكوديّة من حيث الحرص الشديد على الديموقراطيّة فقط في الدول التي لا تتماشى مع مصلحة الليكود. وعليه، فإن حسني مبارك والجنرال الملك عبد الله الأردني (الذي يزخر صدره بالنياشين التي كسبها في ساحات الوغى ضد العدوّ الإسرائيلي) والملك السعودي وغيرهم من طغاة العالم العربي، وعوا طريقة ردّ أي كلام أميركي عن الديموقراطيّة في بلادهم. السرّ السرّ هو في خدمة الليكود الإسرائيلي وفي ذلك منفعة كبيرة لصحّة النظام. حسني مبارك في قصفه وتدميره للأنفاق في غزة وفي إحكامه الحصار الجائر على غزة ضمن تأييداً أميركيّاً ـــــ إسرائيليّاً لسلالته الحاكمة. ورضى نتنياهو من رضى واشنطن كما هو معروف. مؤسّسات دعم الديموقراطيّة الأميركيّة تعطيكم شهادات في الديموقراطيّة بمجرّد أن تحصلوا على شهادات حسن سلوك من الليكود الإسرائيلي. هذا يُفسِّر كيف أن المؤسّسة الديموقراطيّة الوطنيّة أثنت على التقدّم في الانتخابات الأردنيّة، فيما كان الناس يتقاتلون في الشوارع في ضوء أنباء عن تزوير سبق أن رافق الانتخابات الملكيّة.
ودور المؤسّسات الأميركيّة المعنيّة بما يُسمّى كوميديّاً «دعم الديموقراطيّة» ليس خفيّاً أو سريّاً. تستطيع عبر زيارة موقع «المؤسّسة الجمهوريّة الدوليّة» أن ترى أن الحزب الجمهوري لا يفوّت انتخابات في العالم العربي إلا يشرف على حسن أدائها وتوافقها مع المصالح البوشيّة، كما أنك تكتشف أن مرشحاً هزليّاً للرئاسة في لبنان يدشّن إعلان ترشيحه في المؤسّسة. أما في موقع «الوقف الوطني للديموقراطيّة» فتكتشف أن عدداً من المنظمات والمطبوعات في لبنان يتلقّى دعماً من داعمي دعم الديموقراطيّة (من لجان الحوار الإسلامي المسيحي إلى مركز معنيّ بدعم «المبادرة الفرديّة»، التي كان بيار الجميّل من عشّاقها، إلى لجنة «عدل بلا حدود» في المتن إلى مجلّة «المواطن» إلى منظمة «رواد» إلى مجلّة «شؤون جنوبيّة» ومنظمة «تمكين وتنمية»).
أدرك الطغاة العرب سرّ البقاء وطريقة ردّ أي كلام أميركي عن الديموقراطيّة في بلادهم: خدمة الليكود الإسرائيلي

طبعاً، لا غضاضة في دعم الديموقراطيّة أو في دعم العدل في المتن الشمالي، لكن الولايات المتحدة تختلف معنا ـــــ أو مع جلّنا نحن العرب واليساريّين حول العالم ـــــ في شأن التعريف الأساسي لمصطلحات مثل الديموقراطيّة والإرهاب والمقاومة والعدل والحقيقة، كما أن الاختلاف في التعريف هو دليل على عمق الخلاف مع الحكومة الأميركيّة ـــــ لا بل مع الثقافة السياسيّة والشعبيّة في أميركا وهي تتخطّى تعاقُب الإدارات. إن الحكومة الأميركيّة تعدّ رسميّاً الكيان الصهيوني العدوّ (يطربني إلصاق الصفات المُشينة بالكيان الغاصب لعلمي بإزعاجها لأسماع الليبراليّين العرب المُتسكّعين على أعتاب أمراء آل سعود ومشايخ آل الحريري) مثالاً. والسكوت الأميركي عن الطغيان العربي في الأنظمة المتحالفة جهاراً أو سرّاً (لم يعد الأمر سرّاً يا آل سعود وآل نهيان)، دليل على أن الديموقراطيّة في العالم العربي لا تعني أكثر من محاربة من يجرؤ على رفض إسرائيل أو حتى رفض السلام معها، أو هي تعني فرصة لأميركا للنفاذ إلى المجتمعات العربيّة.
ولدت ثورة الأرز في حقبة بوش. وكتاب «سرّ الرؤساء» أثبت أن كلّ الاتهامات التي سيقت ضد رفيق الحريري وفريقه عن تورّطهم في مؤامرة عقيدة بوش الليكوديّة كانت صحيحة بالكامل. وعندما كان رفيق الحريري يقول في العلن إنه ضد القرار 1559 وإنه يؤيّد الطائف بديلاً، كان يكذب على الشعب اللبناني. وعندما كان فريق الحريري يسخر من أنباء صحافيّة عن اطّلاع الحريري على مسودّة القرار الليكودي في سردينيا، كان يكذب أيضاً. والكتاب يثبت بالفعل أن تيري رود لارسن لم يكن إلا أداة أميركيّة ـــــ صهيونيّة. ثورة الأرز كانت فرصة لبوش لتحقيق ما فشل في تحقيقه في العراق وأفغانستان. في لبنان، أمكن الاعتماد على عائلة الحريري السعوديّة للقيام بما كانت عائلتا الجميّل وشمعون تقومان به في الماضي خدمة للمصالح الأميركيّة ـــــ الصهيونيّة، لكن هذه المرّة بغطاء إسلامي (وهذا مهم جدّاً لأن الحكومة الأميركيّة قرّرت رسميّاً بعد تجربة حقبة أمين الجميّل أنه ليس للمسيحيّين دور سياسي مستقل بعد اليوم. بات قيام مسؤولين أميركيين بزيارة رئيس الجمهوريّة في لبنان بمثابة زيارة نبع الصفا).
والعلاقة بين اليمين العربي (الممثّل بالحريريّة الوهّابيّة في لبنان) والحزب الجمهوري تمرّ عبر الليكود الإسرائيلي لأن عقيدة الأخير تتوافق مع مصالح اليمين العربي من حيث:
1) ضرورة الضرب والقضاء على كل أشكال مقاومة إسرائيل.
2) الاتفاق على جعل إيران ـــــ لا إسرائيل ـــــ العدوّ الوحيد للعرب (أصبح البطريرك الماروني داعية للعروبة وحريصاً على نشرها بين الجموع).
3) حثّ الولايات المتحدة على الإنفاق المالي ونشر الحروب السريّة من أجل دعم اللكيوديّين العرب.
4) الاعتماد على نتائج الفتنة السنيّة ـــــ الشيعيّة.
5) مكافأة اليمين العربي على خدماته للصهيونيّة (هذا يُفسّر تقديم القرار 1559 من قبل الليكود إلى رفيق الحريري مكافأة له على تآمره على حزب الله وعلى سوريا، كما كافأ الليكود حسني مبارك عبر تبنّي ترشيح جمال مبارك والترويج له عبر الكونغرس).
6) الاستفادة القصوى من مفاعيل عقيدة بوش المُتزاوجة مع عقيدة الليكود.
لكن حركة 14 آذار تتسرّع إذا سارعت إلى فتح زجاجات الشامبانيا احتفاءً بفوز الجمهوريّين (كما كان ممثّل منظمة التحرير في باريس يعمد إلى الاحتفاء بفوز حزب العمل الإسرائيلي في الثمانينيات). ليس الأمر بهذه البساطة. إن حقبة بوش لن تعود أبداً على ما عنته من دغدغة لأحلام ثوّار (حرّاس) الأرز. حقبة بوش مثّلت أكثر الحقبات الأميركيّة اندفاعاً في الحروب والتدخّلات العسكريّة في المنطقة العربيّة. تلك التجربة تتكرّر مرّة واحدة كل ثلاثة عقود أو أكثر، حسب نظريّة «رقّاص الساعة» للمؤرّخ الأميركي الراحل، أرثر شلسنجر، عن التضاد بين النزوع نحو الانكفاء والنزوع نحو التدخّلات والاجتياحات في السياسة الخارجيّة الأميركيّة. هناك بوادر عديدة للترابط بين صعود الجمهوريّين والتحرّك الأخير لحركة 14 آذار (وقد لاحظ ذلك وليد جنبلاط الذي أبى في حقبة «التخلّي» إلا أن يتحالف مع أقصى اليسار الشيوعي الأميركي كي لا يوصم بوصمة اليمين الجمهوري ـــــ وقد استشهد جورج بوش في كتابه الجديد «نقاط قرار» بقول لوليد جنبلاط يبدي فيه إعجابه باجتياح بوش للعراق).
كان لزيارة جيفري فيلتمان فعلها. والملاحظ أن زيارات فيلتمان أو مبعوثين آخرين إلى لبنان تأتي بعد ساعات من زيارات إلى الرياض عادةً. وهناك في لبنان، في المعارضة خصوصاً، مَن يصدّق أن السعوديّة تعمل من أجل وأد الفتنة في لبنان. وهذا القول هو بمثابة القول إن إسرائيل تسعى إلى السلام ونشر المحبّة في المنطقة العربيّة. وفيلتمان دليل على نمط الاستمراريّة في السياسة الخارجيّة الأميركيّة رغم تدوال السلطة. فيلتمان («الديموقراطي» في الانتماء الحزبي) وثيق الصلة باللوبي الليكودي في واشنطن وكان هذا كافياً لإبقائه في الملف الشرق أوسطي الذي يعني منظمّة إيباك. يعلم باراك أوباما أن مصارعة إسرائيل تنعكس مصارعة في السياسة الداخليّة لما تمثّله إسرائيل من مصالح سياسيّة داخل الحزبيْن، وخصوصاً الحزب الجمهوري منذ عهد ريغان. صحيح أن أوباما حاول في أشهره الأولى أن يختطّ لنفسه خطّاً خاصّاً به في مجال السياسة الأميركيّة حيال الصراع العربي ـــــ الإسرائيلي: فطالب بوقف (أو «تجميد» في ما بعد) الاستيطان وانتقدت هيلاري كلينتون سياسة (أو ممارسة) هدم المنازل. كان هذا كل شيء، وكان ذلك نهاية لمحاولة لم تطل ولن تتكرّر في انتهاج سياسة تحيد عن المسار السائد للسياسة الأميركيّة نحو إسرائيل. (وهذا ليس بالأمر الجديد. فقد حاول جون إف كنيدي مُبكّراً في ولايته التصدّي لأمر سلاح إسرائيل النووي وقضيّة «اللاجئين» الفلسطينيّين. راجع كتاب وارن باس، «ناصر أي صديق» بالإنكليزيّة). لكن أوباما وجد، مثل كنيدي قبله، أن ثمن مواجهة إسرائيل، وإن بلين ولطف شديديْن، باهظ سياسيّاً ويؤدّي إلى خسارة جزء من مناصريه ومناصراته في الكونغرس. مُبكّراً، قرّر أوباما اقتفاء آثار سياسات بوش الحربيّة، أو المزايدة عليها كما ينصح في كتاب بوب وودورد الجديد، «حروب أوباما»، الذي يظهر فيه أوباما أسيراً للقيادة العسكريّة في وزارة الدفاع.

حقبة بوش التي مثّلت أكثر الحقبات اندفاعاً في التدخّلات العسكريّة في المنطقة لن تعود أبداً لتدغدغ أحلام «ثورة الأرز»

إن لصعود الحزب الجمهوري مضاعفات على السياسة الخارجيّة. لكن هذا الصعود هو نتاج ظاهرة غير مألوفة في السياسة الأميركيّة من حيث سرعة تضارب أهواء الناخب والناخبة: لم يسبق أن توالى الصعود الديموقراطي ثم الجمهوري في غضون سنتيْن من قبل. هذا التأرجح هو وليد أزمة اقتصادية عميقة الجذور، وضاربة في كل قطاعات الإنتاج. لكن الحزب الجمهوري سيفرض أولويّاته في السياسة الخارجيّة على أوباما، والأولويّات لا تختلف البتّة عن أولويّات الحزب الديموقراطي باستثناء منسوب الأصوليّة المسيحيّة المُتعصّبة، والتي تمثّل عنصراً فاعلاً في الحزب الجمهوري. من الممكن استبعاد فرضيّة خوض أميركا حرباً بأمر من الأمانة العامّة لـ14 آذار. لم تفعل ذلك في عهد بوش، ومن المستحيل أن تقوم بها وهي تجرجر أذيال الخيبة في العراق وأفغانستان. هذا يترك فرضيّة شن حرب إسرائيليّة على لبنان ـــــ سنعود إلى تلك الفرضيّة في مقالة لاحقة. لكن أميركا تعلم أنها ستتأذّى من أي حرب لإسرائيل على إيران أو لبنان، كما أن إسرائيل لا تضمن نتائج حرب سيخوضها حزب الله بزخم وقوّة يفوقان مقاومة 2006. أميركا مُلزمة بضبط الوضع في الشرق الأوسط من أجل تحقيق السحب التدريجي للقوات الأميركيّة من العراق وأفغانستان.
سيتعاون الحزب الجمهوري مع حلفائه في لبنان، من دون أدنى شك. ستتكاثر الدعوات إلى «السلام» من أصوات سياسيّة وأصوات مشبوهة ترفع شعار «السلم» و«نبذ العنف» كلّما زادت إسرائيل من تهديداتها. الحرص على السلام في الشرق الأوسط بات لازمة في أدبيّات 14 آذار وأدبيّات الحركة السياسيّة لآل الحريري (من المهين للقارئ والقارئة إطلاق أي تسمية أخرى على الحركة السياسيّة لآل الحريري ـــــ هي حركة نتاج ثروة عائلة لا أكثر ولا أقلّ). من الطريف أن أميركا في تحرّكها المفاجئ والحماسي لدعم المحكمة الدوليّة هي التي قدّمت أبلغ دليل على ضرورة إلغاء المحكمة من أساسها وبرمّتها. إن الإصرار على نزاهة المحكمة يتناقض مع التبنّي الأميركي المُطلق لها وكأن أميركا تسمح بمحكمة أو لجنة استقصاء يمكن أن تؤذي إسرائيل. لم يحاول جورج بوش في كتاب «قراراته» أن يخفي استخدام فرنسا وأميركا للمحكمة منذ البداية. ولكن، هناك من يريد منّا أن نصدّق أن فيلتمان وسائر الشلّة اللكيوديّة في واشنطن يتفجّعون بالفعل يوميّاً على رفيق الحريري ويريدون من أجل «الحقيقة» الفلسفيّة التوصّل إلى معرفة هويّة القتلة. هم لا يحاولون مثلاً أن يتساءلوا عن سبب حزن جون بولتون العميق على مقتل الحريري. لا يحاولون الإجابة عن التساؤلات المشروعة عن هذا الاهتمام الأميركي بشؤون لبنان الداخليّة لدى عتاة الصهاينة. ثم، من الضروري الإشارة إلى دور واحدة من أكثر المتعصبّات والمتعصبّين في الكونغرس الأميركي، أعني إلانا روس ـــــ ليتنين. لم يمرّ مشروع في الكونغرس الأميركي يتعلّق بلبنان في الأعوام الأخيرة إلّا حمل بصماتها هي، بالنيابة عن اللوبي الصهيوني. لم يأتِ لبناني أو لبنانيّة إلى الكونغرس قبل أن يمرّ عبرها. ومن يتابع مداولات الكونغرس الأميركي لا يحتاج إلى إثبات الدوافع الليكوديّة لدورها في «القضيّة اللبنانيّة».
إن انتعاش قوى 14 آذار بعد أيّام فقط من النصر الجمهوري لا يترك مجالاً للشك في تبعيّة الفرع الصغير للأم (أو الأب) الحاضنة. ولكن، للطاقم السياسي اللبناني تاريخ طويل من سوء فهم السياسة والتصريحات الأميركيّة. أمين الجميّل ظنّ أن قواته الميليشيويّة ستقصف دمشق بدعم أميركي، وأن النظام السوري سيتهاوى أمام ضربات المارينز. سعد الحريري يصدّق اليوم أن عائلته غالية جدّاً على قلب أعضاء الكونغرس. ولعلّه ـــــ إذا كان ينصت لتحليلات راشد فايد ومحمّد سلام في العلاقات الدوليّة، أو لأيّ من معلّقي العائلة في نشرة العائلة ـــــ يظنّ أن الصعود الجمهوري كان بناءً على وعود مُقدّمة للجمهور الأميركي لمعرفة الحقيقة. كيف يمكن مشروع 14 آذار أن يصمد وقد كان معتمداً منذ يومه الأوّل على مشروع خارجي أميركي ـــــ ليكودي ـــــ سعودي؟ وإذا كانت حرب تمّوز 2006 قد فشلت في القضاء على حزب الله، فهل سيقضي قرار من محكمة أميركيّة ـــــ ليكوديّة عليه؟ وجريدة «يديعوت أحرونوت» نقلت عن مصادر لبنانيّة أن سعد الحريري على شفير انهيار عصبي. لماذا، وهو على وشك تحقيق وعد كان قد أطلقه في أوّل مقابلة له بعد اغتيال فقيد عائلته قال فيه، وبحزم، إنه سينزع سلاح حزب الله؟ ويمكن سعد الحريري أن يستعين بمصطفى علّوش الذي لا يهاب «سبعين أيّار» في مهمّة نزع سلاح حزب الله. لكن، هل ستنقل إخباريّة الحريري الحدث الجلل حيّاً على الهواء؟


The Balfour Declaration: A Brief Geopolitical History...


The Balfour Declaration: A Brief Geopolitical History...

By Richard Sale, author of Clinton’s Secret Wars.

Two issues with this piece says "b"....:


"When the British issued the Balfour Declaration in 1917 its real purpose was not to give the Jews a homeland, but to bolster British ability to fight the Germans."

That is not the real background. Britain urgently needed money to continue the war and the Rothschild bankers demanded signing of the Balfour declaration to extend Britain's credit line. Most of the Rothschild family were eager Zionists and the bought land in Palestine and financed a lot of the first Zionist state structures there.

"the question of Israel’s soaring construction of Israeli settlements on the disputed land of the West Bank."

That is Zionist propaganda. The West Bank land is not disputed at all. All international law says it is Palestinian land and that Israel has no rights to it. That is also the official position of every government in this world except Israel's current one.

To call this "disputed" is taking the Zionist site.


When “b” looked over my mention of the Balfour Declaration in my recent post, “Middle East Peace?” he sniffed, “This is not the background at all.” His own addition, however, while of some value, is hardly the background either, ignoring as it does, key geo-strategic considerations.

Yes, the armies of France and Britain were bogged down in the West in 1917 but the military stalemate combined with fears that Russia was about to conclude a separate peace and a desire to curb French claims to Palestine. Out of these concerns rose the British determination to endorse Zionism, and by so doing, legitimize its own presence in Palestine under the cloak of being the sponsor and protector of Jewish self-determination.

Russia was reviled for its anti-Semitism and its welcoming treatment of Jews who made up most of the Cadre of the Communists Revolution...... and the thwarting of Russian expansion was a key British aim. But what harried the British even more deeply was an uneasy surmise that American Jews, many of whom were from Austro-Hungary or Germany, secretly sided with the Central Powers. The British thought that if they could attract the support of American Jews, it might help to bring America into the war and prevent Russia from signing a separate peace that would have resulted in more German pressure on the Western Front.

The Balfour Declaration was approved on Oct. 31, 1917, but only a few months before, the French had alarmed the British when Jules Cambon, the director general of the French Foreign Ministry, issued a statement that said French support of a “Jewish Renaissance of the Jewish nationality” in Palestine would be “a deed of justice.” It was this statement that set the British in motion and ended in the French exclusion from Palestine.

Washington detected the British agenda to expand in the Middle East rather than attempting to further “ the ends of Zionism” and was opposed. Lord Curzon by the way, was also an opponent of the Declaration.

The post by “b” noting that while the British needed Rothschild money to continue the war, but “b” ignores the more important role played by Dr. Chaim Weizmann an active Zionist, in bringing the Declaration to the light of day. Yes, Weizmann had important contacts with the Rothschild and other major European financiers, but he also was a chemist, an expert in acetone, a crucial ingredient of cordite, the gunpowder needed to fire the huge British field guns in their Western front battles. His expert knowledge was of use.

Weizmann, like Curzon, had serious misgivings about the Declaration, saying, Palestine is not Rhodesia and the 600,000 Arabs who live there have exactly the same right to their homes and we have to our national home.”

The British had in no way consulted the Arabs of the region before the letter containing the Declaration was sent to Lord Lionel Rothschild who headed the British Zionist Federation. The initial Arab reaction was “bewilderment and dismay” according to an Arab historian. It was only a year later that about 100 Arab dignitaries sent a letter of opposition to the Declamation.

The difficulties continued, however. By April of 1919 that Major-General Sir Arthur Money wrote to Lord Curzon, “the Palestinians in fact desire Palestine for themselves and have no intention to be thrown open to hordes of Jews from Eastern and Central Europe. To implement the Declaration would involve Britain in the use of force “in opposition to the will of the majority of the population,” said Money.

Many of the British who pushed the Declaration were in fact anti-Semites who believed the Jews controlled the world of finance through a vast and shadowy network ....

Some Jewish and other people say Lebanon expelled Jews, but that’s not accurate. Most Lebanese Jews left in the civil war – to France, Canada, Brazil and New York, but they, their children and their children’s children have an inalienable right of return. And people own property still in Lebanon and some come for holidays.

Your post also says Maghreb Jewish community was expelled – you need to meet some Jewish people from Morocco. Many left for a better life in the democratic West and in Israel, but no one has lost their right to live & work in Morocco – nor their children and children’s children. Moroccan nationality is passed down and isn’t broken – regardless of the religion.

I hope the move toward democracy in Tunisia, Egypt – and hopefully Syria and elsewhere in the region, should be good for Jewish-Arab relations in the future. I heard on the radio a story about an Italian-based psychologist called David Gerbi (born in Libya) who is helping the resistance hospitals in Bengazi and he was quoted as saying he hopes to be a voice for the revival of Jewish life in Libya. Good for him! He sees a future in a free country, free from tyranny.

The deterioration in Jewish-Arab relations is an unfortunate consequence of the success of the Jewish national movement in Palestine. Yehouda Shenhav has done excellent research on the topic which you would find interesting to read.



The Road to World War III - The Global Banking Cartel Has One Card Left to Play.....

The LIAR of the century....

By David DeGraw of Amped Status

Preface by Amped Status: The following is Part I to David DeGraw’s new book, “The Road Through 2012: Revolution or World War III.” This is the second installment to a new seven-part series . You can read the introduction to the book here.

I: Economic Imperial Operations
II: Violence on the Horizon
III: The IMF Riot, Step 3.5
IV: Bang the Drums of War
V: The Chinese Scapegoat: Trade &
—-Currency Wars

VI: Moves Upon the Grand Chessboard
VII: Resource Wars
VIII: Private Military Complex
IX: History Repeats Itself

I: Economic Imperial Operations

When we analyze our current crisis, focusing on the past few years of economic activity blinds us to the history and context that are vital to understanding the root cause. What we have been experiencing is not the result of an unforeseen economic crash that appeared out of the blue with the collapse of the housing market. It was certainly not brought on by people who bought homes they couldn’t afford. To frame this crisis around a debate on economic theory misses the point entirely. To even blame it on greedy bankers, while essentially accurate, also misses the most vital point.

This crisis is the direct result of a strategic economic attack on the existence of a middle class and democracy worldwide. The stock market and economy have become weapons of mass oppression manipulated by an imperial banking cartel to impose order and exploit the masses. This crisis boldly represents the manifest evolution of the fascist spirit reasserting itself as the dominant ideology.

Any fairytale notions of the United States being a democratic republic built on the rule of law have been utterly dispelled. As a nation we have been bred and conditioned to be dangerously naïve to the darker forces which operate beyond the spotlight of the mainstream media. We have been blinded to what has been developing throughout the world.

The economic imperialism that has now blown-back to the United States and Europe has been evolving for decades and can be directly traced back to the end of World War II, to the birth of the CIA, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.

For those of us who have been paying attention to economic imperial operations that have been carried out against countries throughout the world, this looks all too familiar. The IMF and global bankers have conquered the second and third world, and they have now moved on to countries within the first world. Western European and American working classes are in the cross-hairs now.

Economic and societal indicators, along with recent G-20 policy decisions, clearly demonstrate that they are carrying out and escalating systemic economic attacks throughout Europe and the US.

To put it in technical terms, the United States government has been taken over by a financial terrorism network. They have bought off leaders of both the Republican and Democratic parties, and have established a dominant role in all three branches of government and throughout the mainstream media. They have complete control of the economy, stock market, US Treasury, Federal Reserve, World Bank, IMF and global banking system. Free market capitalism has collapsed; it’s now a rigged global market. This is an organized criminal operation, an imperial fascist movement that is determined to destroy our very way of life.

A war has already been launched against us.

In just the past three years we have lost an unprecedented amount of national wealth, trillions upon trillions of our tax dollars have been looted by Wall Street, endless wars, enormous subsidies for the most profitable global corporations and tax cuts for the richest one percent of the population. Never before, in the history of civilization, has a nation been so thoroughly and systematically fleeced.

This is all the result of a coordinated economic attack by a global banking cartel against 99 percent of the US population.

Until we can become politically intelligent enough to see this as the reality and root cause of our current crisis, we will not be able to overcome it, our living standards will continue to decline and we will all be sentenced to a slow death in a neo-feudal system built on debt slavery.

The average American is horribly naïve to just how depraved, corrupt and addicted to power this banking cartel is. Through their control and domination of the mass media, they have kept their crimes against humanity out of public consciousness. We have been shielded from the global devastation and death toll that they have already wrought. The result is an unsuspecting population of confused and passive people having their future ripped out from under them, right before their eyes, without any organized defense or resistance.

II: Violence on the Horizon

As the entrenched global banking cartel continues to control domestic political policy, the next phase of this crisis will inevitably feature an escalation into mass violence. As the Army War College stated, the Pentagon is preparing for “violent, strategic dislocation inside the United States” and “widespread civil violence” due to “purposeful domestic resistance.”

In clear signs of what is to come, rioting and violence as a result of economic turmoil has already been experienced in many countries throughout the world. However, civil unrest has not yet occurred within the United States. There are many theories as to why there has been so little resistance from the US population thus far, and several factors play into it. The most significant factor is that social safety net programs have been vital in preventing people from resorting to extreme measures. Currently, a stunning number of Americans, 52 million, are receiving life-sustaining assistance from government “anti-poverty” programs, such as food stamps, unemployment benefits, Medicaid and Medicare. This has already stretched a social safety net system that is designed to handle significantly less people to its limit. This safety net system has now been drained of all reserve resources over the past two years, and is obviously not sustainable under current economic and political conditions.

As social safety net programs have been drained of reserves, many US citizens have also been burning through their personal savings. Over the past few years the percentage of Americans living paycheck to paycheck has dramatically increased. In 2007, 43 percent of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck. In 2008, the percentage increased to 49 percent. In 2009, the number skyrocketed up to 61 percent. The most recent number for 2010 has exploded to a shocking 77 percent. This means in our nation of 310 million citizens, 239 million Americans are one setback away from economic ruin and millions more are in danger of having to rely on government assistance for survival.

So as this prolonged economic crisis continues, these safety nets, that are already overwhelmed, will have to support more and more people and will inevitably break down. As we have just begun to see, budget cuts to vital social programs on the state and federal levels will become increasingly severe right at the point when many more Americans will need them. As the 52 million Americans currently surviving in “anti-poverty” programs are gradually cutoff from life-sustaining government assistance - and as the 239 million people now living paycheck to paycheck, buried in debt, stressing out and working their asses off just to make ends meet realize that things are not going to be getting any better — and are only going to get worse — social unrest and outbursts of violence will eventually start to bubble up to the surface and the ruling elite will no longer be able to maintain power by simply deceiving the masses via mainstream media propaganda.

When an overwhelming majority of the population directly feels negative effects upon their own living standards, the propaganda system collapses. The illusion comes crashing down and people will finally start to get wise to the horrific scam that is being played on them. When they wake from their media-induced American dream state and realize that they are now living in a nightmare, as crazy as it may sound, people will actually stop voting against their own interests. The apathetic majority, that doesn’t vote, will become active in the interests of self-preservation as their survival instincts kick in.

The handwriting is on the wall and the ruling class has to realize that by the time 2012 rolls around, their puppet politicians will be voted out of office, or their heads will roll, quite literally.

Looking at this from a purely technocratic sociological viewpoint, avoiding mass riots and violence while this many desperate people lose life-sustaining programs appears to be an impossible task, and given our current economic and political environment this seems inevitable.

In an article titled “A Planet at the Brink: Will Economic Brushfires Prove Too Virulent to Contain?” Michael T. Klare explained:

“As people lose confidence in the ability of markets and governments to solve the global crisis, they are likely to erupt into violent protests or to assault others they deem responsible for their plight, including government officials, plant managers, landlords, immigrants, and ethnic minorities. (The list could, in the future, prove long and unnerving.) If the present economic disaster turns into what President Obama has referred to as a ‘lost decade,’ the result could be a global landscape filled with economically-fueled upheavals.”

Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski expressed his fears:

“I was worrying about it because we’re going to have millions and millions of unemployed, people really facing dire straits. And we’re going to be having that for some period of time before things hopefully improve. And at the same time there is public awareness of this extraordinary wealth that was transferred to a few individuals at levels without historical precedent in America….

And you sort of say to yourself: what’s going to happen in this society when these people are without jobs, when their families hurt, when they lose their homes, and so forth?”

Outbreaks of civil unrest are something that the US government and Pentagon have been expecting, and preparing for. Former US Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee stating that the greatest threat facing the US is not terrorism, it’s the current economic crisis:

“The primary near-term security concern of the United States is the global economic crisis and its geopolitical implications. The crisis has been ongoing…. Of course, all of us recall the dramatic political consequences wrought by the economic turmoil of the 1920s and 1930s in Europe, the instability, and high levels of violent extremism.”

Intelligence Committee Vice-Chair Christopher Bond said the economic crisis is now “the primary focus of the intelligence community.” As the Army War College has warned, the response to this coming phase of the economic crisis “might include use of military force against hostile groups inside the United States. Further, DoD [the Department of Defense] would be, by necessity, an essential enabling hub for the continuity of political authority in a multi-state or nationwide civil conflict or disturbance.”

Journalist Chris Hedges summed up this report:

“The specter of social unrest was raised at the US Army War College in November in a monograph titled ‘Known Unknowns: Unconventional ‘Strategic Shocks’ in Defense Strategy Development.’ …

The ‘widespread civil violence,’ the document said, ‘would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security.’

‘An American government and defense establishment lulled into complacency by a long-secure domestic order would be forced to rapidly divest some or most external security commitments in order to address rapidly expanding human insecurity at home,’ it went on….

In plain English, something bureaucrats and the military seem incapable of employing, this translates into the imposition of martial law and a de facto government being run out of the Department of Defense. They are considering it. So should you.”

III: The IMF Riot, Step 3.5

The International Monetary Fund is predicting a “social explosion” due to this crisis. The IMF and World Bank have a long history of creating social upheaval. Leaked documents from within the World Bank refer to the next phase of the crisis as the “IMF riot.”

Journalist Greg Palast obtained classified planning documents, which shed light on the covert economic imperial operations, Structural Adjustment Programs, that the IMF, World Bank and US Treasury have used in the past as a playbook for destabilizing and conquering foreign nations. In the UK newspaper The Observer, Palast interviewed Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, who was a former World Bank Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, turned whistleblower. They revealed the four-step IMF plan. Though the strategy is slightly modified based on the nation being attacked, here in the United States we are currently about to enter a variation of step-three, which is currently being phased in throughout Europe. This step inevitably leads to a significant portion of the population losing the ability to obtain basic necessities essential for survival. Once this happens, riots inevitably occur, or as they put it: step 3.5 is executed.

Here is how Palast and Stiglitz summed it up:

“At this point, according to Stiglitz, the IMF drags the gasping nation to Step Three: market-based pricing - a fancy term for raising prices on food, water and… gas.

This leads, predictably, to Step-Three-and-a-Half: what Stiglitz calls ‘the IMF riot’.

The IMF riot is painfully predictable. When a nation is, ‘down and out, [the IMF] squeezes the last drop of blood out of them. They turn up the heat until, finally, the whole cauldron blows up,’…

What Stiglitz did not know is that Newsnight obtained several documents from inside the World Bank. In one, last year’s Interim Country Assistance Strategy for Ecuador, the Bank several times suggests - with cold accuracy - that the plans could be expected to spark ’social unrest’.”

To sum up, the interlocked IMF and World Bank set the conditions for ’social unrest’ and then once it occurs they move to step-four, which is the ultimate in disaster capitalism - they profit off the misery and the civilian population is then buried in a neo-feudal system of severe debt and poverty.

So what is the IMF saying right now about our situation in Europe and the US? A recent Telegraph report reads:

“IMF fears ’social explosion’ from world jobs crisis

America and Europe face the worst jobs crisis since the 1930s and risk ‘an explosion of social unrest’ unless they tread carefully, the International Monetary Fund has warned….

Olivier Blanchard, the IMF’s chief economist, said the percentage of workers laid off for long stints has been rising with each downturn for decades but the figures have surged this time. ‘Long-term unemployment is alarmingly high: in the US, half the unemployed have been out of work for over six months, something we have not seen since the Great Depression,” he said….

The IMF said there may be a link between rising inequality within Western economies and deflating demand. Historians say the last time that the wealth gap reached such skewed extremes was in 1928-1929…”

To show you how insidious the IMF is, they have recently launched a propaganda campaign to publicly decry deficit budget cuts and austerity measures. However, behind the scenes they have been forcing implementation of them and making their usual demands for cuts in vital social services and public spending, once those cuts are in place, the riots obviously follow.

A recent Washington Post report states:

“IMF issues broad call for US financial prudence:
Cut Social Security. Ditch the deduction for interest on home mortgages. Tax gasoline.
The United States recently opened itself to the most intense scrutiny yet by the International Monetary Fund, and on Thursday was offered a bitter pill when the agency criticized some well-defended aspects of American culture — cheap fuel, subsidized housing, and a government retirement check…. “

Economist Dean Baker writes:

“The central bankers and their accomplices at the IMF are dictating policies to democratically elected governments. Their agenda seems to be the same everywhere, cut back retirement benefits, reduce public support for health care, weaken unions and make ordinary workers take pay cuts.”

In another report Baker adds:

“The IMF program calls for cutbacks in government support for healthcare, pensions, and a wide range of other public services. It also calls for weakening labor market regulations that provide workers with job security.

These recommendations are being given in a context where the world economy is suffering from a massive shortfall of demand. In other words, tens of millions of people are unemployed right now because there is not enough spending to keep them employed. The IMF’s program is almost certain to reduce spending further leading to even larger shortfalls in demand and more unemployment….

The IMF’s track record gives us reason not only to question the institution’s competence but also its motivations…. It is possible to see a similar pattern in the IMF’s latest set of policy recommendations to deal with the economic crisis.”

In an article entitled, “The Attack of the Real Black Helicopter Gang: The IMF Is Coming for Your Social Security,” Baker continues:

“Last week, the IMF told the United States that it needs to start getting its budget deficit down. It put cutting Social Security at the top of the steps that the country should take to achieve deficit reduction. This one is more than a bit outrageous for two reasons…

While the IMF has no problem warning about retired workers getting too much in Social Security benefits, it apparently could not find its voice when the issue was the junk securities from Goldman Sachs or Citigroup that helped to fuel the housing bubble.

The collapse of this bubble has not only sank the world economy, it also destroyed most of the savings of the near retirees for whom the IMF wants to cut Social Security. The vast majority of middle-income retirees have most of their wealth in their home equity. This home equity largely disappeared when the bubble burst.”

So the IMF and global banking cartel are setting the conditions for social unrest and pushing for policies that will provoke it, and the Pentagon is preparing for a military response. As scary and unbelievable as all this may sound, we are on a fast track to this scenario.

To Sum Up

The American and global economy have already been looted and destroyed beyond repair. Most serious economists will admit that governments have already exhausted their capital by bailing out the banks and taking on unprecedented amounts of debt. The bailouts and recent return to high profits were just the final phase of the looting and a further consolidation of wealth on an unprecedented scale. There are still tens of trillions of dollars in debt hidden off-the-books and hundreds of trillions of dollars in dark pools of derivative liability. As the downturn continues, there is nothing left to revive the economy, the reserves and safety nets have already been stretched to their limits.

We have a political and economic system that has been overrun by organized corruption and theft. Along with a mass media system that does not inform the populace and has effectively marginalized and isolated the majority of the population. Meanwhile, bubbling just under the surface is a very heavily armed population with a militia movement that has doubled in size over the past year, and their memberships continue to rapidly grow. Without the necessary general political intelligence or infrastructure to organize an effective mass non-violent movement, we are steamrolling toward spontaneous riots and outbursts of armed insurrection.

In other words, as this economic downturn continues, what is now a passive and confused population will eventually devolve into an explosion of violence. Without a coherent non-violent movement to provide a viable alternative, without an outlet for severe and legitimate grievances that provides any chance for urgently affecting necessary political change, people will resort to violence as a last desperate act of vengeance and frustration. As time passes, these forgotten and isolated people, tens of millions of them, are quickly running out of options, and they will act out just as exploited people throughout the world always have.

A man who sparked a revolution against the same banking cartel that has caused our crisis described the general attitude among a population that successfully rebelled through armed insurrection:

“The people are weary of being oppressed, persecuted, exploited to the maximum. They are weary of the wretched selling of their labor-power day after day — faced with the fear of joining the enormous mass of unemployed — so that the greatest profit can be wrung from each human body, profit later squandered in the orgies of the masters of capital….

The feeling of revolt will grow stronger every day among the peoples subjected to various degrees of exploitation, and they will take up arms to gain by force the rights which reason alone has not won them.”

Whatever your preconceptions of the man who said this may be, the voice of Che Guevara can now be clearly understood and related to by the overwhelming majority of people throughout the United States.

Already, despite intensive propaganda, a stunning 80 percent of the US population believes that the government has failed them. The health care and financial reform bills have proven that our politicians are much more concerned about the short-sighted necessity to please the Economic Elite and raise campaign funds, than they are to understand the consequences of millions of Americans being forced into situations where their very survival is threatened. In a system where most elected officials are millionaires, this lack of perspective and understanding is ultimately what will lead to violence. Whether it is by arrogance or ignorance, perhaps both, it appears that our ruling class has suicidal tendencies. Unless they quickly recognize the growing threat posed by the dispossessed masses, our puppet politicians will themselves be in harm’s way.

To show you how incredibly out of touch our current elected officials are, and to give you a clear indication of the prevailing attitude on Capitol Hill, a recent report from the Washington Post summed up their response to the recent news that a record number of Americans are now living in poverty:

“The reluctance of political leaders on both sides of the aisle to directly confront the fact that growing numbers of Americans are slipping into poverty reflects a stubborn reality about the poor: They are not much of a political constituency.

‘We talk to many people on Capitol Hill who do believe poverty is important and is a blight on our nation, but we are also up against a general recognition that poor people don’t vote in great numbers. And they certainly aren’t going to be making campaign contributions. That definitely puts them behind many other people and interests when decisions are being made around here.’”

And that sums up our current crisis, doesn’t it? The “poor people don’t vote” and they don’t make “campaign contributions.”

As the Rage Against the Machine song goes, “The riot be the rhyme of the unheard.”

IV: Bang the Drums of War

How will this imperial fascist banking cartel respond to revolt? How will they maintain their power over an increasingly radicalized and hostile US population?

In an attempt to stave off organized rebellion, they are already escalating their propaganda efforts in attempts to divide and distract the population. The tactics of their divide and conquer strategy are already on full display. Their mainstream media outlets have drastically increased coverage and focused attention on the rhetoric of division - using divisive issues like immigration, racism, religious bigotry, the “lazy unemployed,” “entitlement welfare” and gay marriage to divide and distract the population and prevent the masses from organizing against their true oppressors.

This propaganda effort is only a temporary measure and will not suffice over the long-term. As the economy continues to collapse, the banking elite risk being overthrown as a result of their own greed. So they will then turn to physical, military-based violence to suppress populations that can no longer be controlled through propaganda and economic coercion.

To paraphrase policy analyst Anatol Lieven, the classic strategy of an endangered oligarchy is to divert discontent among the population into nationalistic militarism. It is time, once again, to bang the drums of war and “whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor.” The source of the following quote is unknown, but the evident wisdom of it is something that we have already experienced firsthand in the recent past:

“Beware the leader who bangs the drum of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so.”

An increased external threat will lead to an increased internal crackdown, which creates the pretext and conditions for a police state. As we have already seen in the first phase of the crackdown on civil liberties since the “War on Terror” began, when rioting and outbursts of armed insurrection begin within the US, external threats, real or imagined, will again be presented to justify extreme measures to suppress American citizens, and to further repress and divert internal dissent. Without an external enemy to rally the population against, the population will rally against the pre-existing internal powers.

To put a slight twist on what Guy DeBord insightfully said back in 1988: the banking cartel “constructs its own inconceivable foe, terrorism. Its wish is to be judged by its enemies rather than by its results. The story of terrorism is written by the state and it is therefore highly instructive. But they must always know enough to convince them that, compared with terrorism, everything else must be acceptable, or in any case more rational and democratic.”

V:The Chinese Scapegoat: Trade & Currency Wars

As millions of Americans and the majority of the global population look for vengeance on those responsible for severely declining living standards, the global banking cartel are not going to blame themselves, so they will deflect blame to China, a most convenient target.

As a result of the crisis, national currencies are reeling, and the dollar, although currently one of the strongest paper currencies, is losing power as the crisis escalates. The IMF is working to replace the dollar as the world reserve currency and have begun discussing the possibility of making their Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) the new world reserve currency. A plummeting dollar will obviously put the American population in a severely desperate situation and the US-based banking cartel needs an excuse to divert political backlash. In China, the nation poised to replace the US as the preeminent global superpower, they have the perfect scapegoat.

US-based global corporations have been shifting their business to China and off-shoring millions of jobs to the region due to their extremely low worker wages. So the American population is already pre-disposed to blaming China, as opposed to the companies who are exploiting the cheap labor. US politicians have been conveniently shifting blame for unemployment from themselves to China. Meanwhile, China also owns a significant portion of US national debt. US Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has recently declared that the national debt is the number one security threat. As Mullen stated, “Tax payers will be paying around $600 billion in interest on the national debt by 2012.” A significant portion of this interest will be going to China.

As national governments attempt to survive in an increasingly hostile global economy, trade and currency wars will flare up and escalate. China is in perhaps the strongest position to win these conflicts. China and Japan have just engaged in a fierce currency battle. This currency battle is not to be underestimated. We are talking about the world’s second and third largest economies, after the United States. China has just overtaken Japan for the number two position. The militant rhetoric between these two nations is escalating. US politicians were quick to jump on the situation with calls to classify China as a “currency manipulator” and impose trade tariffs and penalties against them.

International economic reporter Barry Grey recently summed up the situation in an article entitled, “Economic crisis threatens to unleash global currency wars:”

“The eruption of currency exchange conflicts is bound up with mounting signs that the global economic crisis is systemic, rather than merely conjunctural, and growing fears that a genuine recovery is not in the offing. The European sovereign debt crisis and the weakening of US economic growth have led governments around the world to seek to secure a greater share of export markets. Under conditions of slowing growth and stagnant markets, this inevitably heightens trade conflicts between competing capitalist nations.

In particular, the US and the European Union, spearheaded by the export power Germany, have aggressively pursued a cheap currency policy in order to gain a trade advantage against their rivals. Of the major economic powers, Japan has suffered the greatest damage from these policies, as investors and speculators have shifted from dollar- and euro-denominated investments to the yen, driving up the currency’s exchange rate.

This has embittered relations between Japan and both the US and the EU. Japan has also denounced China for artificially keeping its currency low while bidding up the yen by increasing its purchases of Japanese government securities.”

The global banking cartel’s leading puppets on Capitol Hill, Senators Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer and Richard Shelby were all quick to attack China. Barry Grey continued:

“In opening the Senate Banking Committee hearing, Chairman Christopher Dodd declared China a currency manipulator and said its ‘economic and trade policies’ present ‘roadblocks to our recovery.’ He went on to accuse China of stealing intellectual property, violating international trade agreements and dumping goods. He also denounced China for acquiring national resources in developing countries and building up its military.

In his opening statement, the ranking Republican on the committee, Richard Shelby of Alabama, declared, ‘There is no question that China manipulates its currency in order to subsidize Chinese exports. The only question is: Why is the administration protecting China by refusing to designate it as a currency manipulator?’

Senator Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, said, ‘China’s currency manipulation is like a boot on the throat of our recovery and this administration refuses to try to get China to remove that boot.’”

On top of all this, China has now overtaken the US as the world’s top energy consumer. Michael T. Klare reports on China’s new position of power:

“The main point: by becoming the world’s leading energy consumer, China will also become an ever more dominant international actor and so set the pace in shaping our global future.

Because energy is tied to so many aspects of the global economy, and because doubts are growing about the future availability of oil and other vital fuels, the decisions China makes regarding its energy portfolio will have far-reaching consequences. As the leading player in the global energy market, China will significantly determine not only the prices we will be paying for critical fuels but also the type of energy systems we will come to rely on. More importantly, China’s decisions on energy preferences will largely determine whether China and the United States can avoid becoming embroiled in a global struggle over imported oil and whether the world will escape catastrophic climate change.”

China’s rise in power, mixed with the decline of western economies and the need for an external scapegoat sets up a global collision and inevitable confrontation between vying superpowers. Currency and trade wars will likely be a prelude to military confrontation.

VI: Moves Upon the Grand Chessboard

Based on early maneuvering it is evident that the masters of war have already drawn up sides. You may have missed it, but the US, Israel and the NATO Alliance have already put Iran, Lebanon, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia and China on notice. And the “withdrawals” from Iraq and the Af-Pak region are over-hyped. The occupation of these countries continues with no end in sight. In fact, they aren’t withdrawing as much as they are repositioning and shifting their forces, preparing for an escalation. In many ways the wars in Iraq and Af-Pak have only been the initial phase of a global attack, positioning forces and building massive military bases in pivotal geo-strategic locations. The operations in this region have essentially been a warm-up for much wider-ranging attacks against much stronger countries. While most of the US population is playing checkers, seeing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as one-off battles, the global banking cartel is playing chess, using these wars as only initial geo-strategic moves in a grand strategy toward total world domination.

The intensity of military maneuvering presently occurring is alarming. Read through these recent news reports pulled from the AmpedStatus database, all from just the past few weeks, and let me know if you think I’m being extreme in foreseeing World War III:

  • US to Fund Israeli Purchase of 20 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters
  • US Waging ‘Shadow War’ in Dozen Countries
  • S.Korea, US to stage massive joint war games
  • US Military Offensive Against the July 2011 Af-Pak Timetable
  • China PLA warns U.S. over fresh military drill in region
  • The dangers of mounting US-China rivalry
  • America’s Biggest Jobs Program — the U.S. Military
  • US Arms ‘Bonanza’ in the Middle East
  • Chinese Military: The Chinese People Won’t Stand for US Provocation
  • Israel bulldozes Muslim graves in Jerusalem
  • U.S. Supersizes Afghan Mega-Base
  • US concerned other countries won’t respect Iraq’s ‘sovereignty’
  • US cuts $100m aid to Lebanon military
  • U.S. won’t leave Iraq’s energy reserves untended
  • US plans to sell F-15 jets to Saudi Arabia: report
  • Blackwater: $220 million in new contracts
  • Congress Spends Another $600 Million for Border Militarization
  • U.S. worried by Hamid Karzai’s attempt to assert control over corruption probes
  • Palestinians Denied Access to Water
  • Gates: Iraq occupation could go on
  • Petraeus beats the drums for endless war in Afghanistan
  • Israel-US Increase Military Cooperation, Hold Biggest Joint Infantry Exercise Ever
  • US, South Korea to Stage Another Military Exercise
  • The Philippines: America’s New Launchpad for the Militarization of Southeast Asia
  • U.S. and UK help train Kazakh troops in Russia’s backyard
  • India to order large number of Javelin anti-tank missiles from US
  • More US-NATO Military Bases: US Armed Forces in Central Asia
  • US, Vietnam step up defence co-operation amid China concerns
  • Speculation, debate over possible strike against Iran
  • Russian Foreign Minister defends Iran nuclear power plant
  • Colombia Court Blocks U.S. Military Accord Behind Regional Fight, Restricts Access to 7 Military Bases
  • Venezuela says it will still send gasoline to Iran
  • Venezuela threatens oil cut to US
  • Iran: Venezuela Risks US Action
  • Chávez and China: Challenging U.S. Interests | AEI
  • Canada-Russia airspace ’showdown’ over Arctic
  • Canada intercepted two Russian bombers near Arctic
  • Japan, US plan naval drill near disputed islets: report
  • China Restricts Exports of Rare Earth Minerals by 70pc,Tension with US escalating on several fronts
  • Moscow warns US on issue of Israeli aerial strikes against Iran
  • U.S. Global Strategy Targets Any Potential Challenger In Eurasia
  • Obama Signs $600M Bill to Increase Militarization of US-Mexico Border
  • Castro Warns of Nuclear War; Admiral Mullen Threatens Iran; US-Israel Vs. Iran-Hezbollah
  • Doesn’t Appear Washington Wants Diplomatic Relations With Venezuela
  • US talks Israel out of attacking Iran (for now)
  • US stresses military role in Iraq, combat brigades under different name
  • US Withdrawal Plan Marks “Privatization of Military Occupation”
  • U.S. Military Intervention in Africa: The New Blueprint for Global Domination
  • Ahmadinejad vows global response if Iran attacked
  • Iran Opens Its First Nuclear Power Plant With Russian Help
  • In Mideast Talks, Scant Hopes From the Beginning
  • Iran hopes Russia’s next step will be delivery of S-300 missiles system: MP
  • Iran working against Iraqi democracy: US general
  • US combat brigades still in Iraq: report
  • Karzai Stands Firm on Disbanding Private Security
  • Iran’s new drone bomber is ‘messenger of death for the enemies of humanity’
  • Costa Rica: US Warships Cause Unease
  • Israel Knesset Member Declares “We Are Preparing For War”
  • Pakistanis Nabbed Taliban Boss to Stop Peace Talks
  • Iran condemns possible US military action
  • Iran Calls for Formation of Islamic Union to Start New World Order
  • Four Israeli air strikes on Gaza
  • Two Minutes to Midnight? The Bomb-Iran Debate From Hell
  • The last chance to avoid a global trade war
  • Al-Shabab vows ‘massive’ Somali war
  • We Must Be Ready for War With China
  • Mass Assassinations Lie at the Heart of America’s Military Strategy in the Muslim World
  • US deplores ‘particularly outrageous’ Mogadishu carnage
  • Philippines: Pawn In U.S. Encirclement of China
  • Global Food Security and Sovereignty Threatened by “Land Grabs” in Poor Countries
  • US to spend $1.3 billion on Afghanistan bases
  • America’s top Marine challenges Obama’s Afghan pullout deadline
  • CIA sees increased threat from al-Qaeda in Yemen
  • U.S. Weighs Expanded Strikes in Yemen
  • JSOC is Hiring Interrogators and Covert Operatives for ‘Special Access Programs’
  • Report: Kim Jong-Il Goes to China
  • Canada Intercepts Russian Bombers — Again
  • Kim Jong-il Visits China as Carter Waits in North Korea for Talks on Imprisoned American
  • China Slams Pentagon Report
  • Mexico Drug War Violence Rages, 28k Killed
  • Tensions emerge between Rwanda and Western backers, China’s influence grows
  • “Alarm bells” ring for Australian government over deepening China-East Timor ties
  • US lawmaker urges France not to arm Lebanon army
  • Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Of Staff Says National Debt Is Biggest Threat To National Security
  • 18 nations wrap up mock terror exercise in Panama canal
  • U.S. Bid To Control Whole Korean Peninsula Threat To China, Russia
  • Canada Opens Arctic To NATO, Plans Massive Weapons Buildup
  • China announces navy drill ahead of U.S. show of force
  • Putin slams West for deceiving Russia
  • Putin: U.S. Rearming Georgia
  • Israel preparing to attack Syria: report
  • China Deploys Troops In Pakistani Kashmir
  • Israel Threatens War with Lebanon
  • U.S. expands sanctions on North Korea
  • Hamas targets Israeli-Palestinian talks by killing four Israelis
  • US drones will patrol entire southern border
  • Yellow Sea: U.S. Aegis Destroyers, S. Korean Subs In New Round of Drills
  • Pentagon report underscores rising US-China tensions
  • CIA Training Intelligence Agents For ‘State Sponsor Of Terrorism’ Sudan
  • Tony Blair: military intervention in rogue regimes ‘more necessary than ever’
  • France steps up military intervention in Sahel, Western Africa
  • German military report: Peak oil could lead to collapse of democracy
  • U.S.-Venezuela Links Teeter on the Brink
  • Pakistan’s Taliban threaten attacks in U.S., Europe
  • EU austerity policies risk civil war in Greece, warns top German economist
  • India to acquire advanced U.S.-made anti-ship missiles
  • Middle East Loses Trillions As U.S. Strikes Record Arms Deals
  • Is War About to Break Out on the Israeli-Lebanese Border?
  • NATO asks for 2000 more troops for Afghanistan
  • US ‘likely’ to keep troops in Iraq after 2011
  • U.S. Military Continues to Invest Hundreds of Millions in Iraq Bases
  • UN nuke agency warns monitoring of Iran hampered
  • Mideast talks a cover for US war preparations
  • Land grabs, biofuel demand raise global food-security risk
  • Anthrax War - the Malaysian Connection
  • Defense Contractor Money Fueling Push to Militarize the US-Mexico Border
  • US Government Report Argues for Police Force for American Interventions Overseas
  • 730 F-35 planes to be sold to Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Norway
  • U.S. to wrap up $2.5 billion Israel F-35 deal, Japan deal next
  • Cheney’s Oily Dream - Redrawing the Map of the Middle East
  • US and China at odds over North Korea
  • Pentagon says USS George Washington to join military drills off Korean Peninsula
  • Clinton: Mexico drug war bordering on ‘insurgency’
  • Land Grabs in Poor Countries Set to Increase
  • India: troops on alert as border dispute with China heats up
  • India: U.S. Completes Global Military Structure
  • Report: US must deal with domestic radical problem
  • Experts: Terrorism threat to U.S. now more homegrown
  • New York Times Pushes Confrontation with Iran
  • Largest US arms deal ever: Congress to be told of $60-billion US-Saudi arms deal, shoring up Arab allies against Iran
  • China-South Africa deals highlight great-power rivalry in Africa
  • German armed forces “reform” reflects growth of militarism
  • IMF fears ’social explosion’ from world jobs crisis
  • US embassy in Jordan warns of ‘imminent threat’ around Aqaba
  • Record level of US airstrikes hit Afghan militants
  • Hamas: Israeli aircraft strike Gaza as leaders talk peace
  • Obama’s Generals Push War for Yemen
  • US drones prowl Mexico
  • China’s currency manipulation: Flipping off America
  • Asia: Pentagon Revives And Expands Cold War Military Blocs
  • U.S. And NATO Strengthen Positions Along Russia’s Southern Flank
  • Russia vs Canada: Race for Oil-Rich Arctic Seabed
  • Economic crisis threatens to unleash global currency wars
  • Saudi king meets top US, Canadian counter-terror officials
  • China, Energy, and Global Power
  • Somalia, The Next Afghanistan? UN’s top envoy warns on growing insurgency
  • Pentagon to funnel US arms to Yemen
  • China-Japan Tensions Escalate, As China Breaks Off High Level Contacts, Japanese Flag Burned In Protest
  • Gulf States Order $123 Billion of U.S. Weaponry to Counter Iran
  • Massive US Military Buildup Planned for Guam
  • So there we have it. The global Economic Elite have effectively looted and destroyed national economies worldwide, the propaganda system is quickly collapsing, and the masses are beginning to get restless. It’s time to move to the next phase of the attack. Preparations are already underway. We are on the road to World War III.

    VII: Resource Wars

    Add to this picture rapidly declining natural resources and an increasingly hostile and polluted environment with extreme weather events frequently pounding the globe. In the past decade the global corporate elite have already engaged in three major resource wars in Iraq, Af-Pak and Northern Africa.

    With a growing global population and an increasing demand for declining resources, we have already crossed a tipping point and are now in the ecological red. For the first time in human history, we are now consuming resources faster than nature can produce them. As developing countries like China and India attempt to live like western countries, there are simply not enough resources. The global economy is built on an unsustainable foundation. Instead of evolving and changing course, the entrenched banking power base is digging in further, and they run NATO, the private military complex and the US government. Based on the current policies that are in place, they have clearly already decided that they want to keep living business as usual and refuse to evolve and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. With this decision, they have effectively already decided to further escalate their oppression of the overwhelming majority of humanity, and this will lead to the death of literally hundreds of millions of people.

    The global banking cartel view the world’s limited resources as their property, and they have consistently proven that they have absolutely no hesitation in killing millions upon millions of people for these resources - just look at what they have already done in the recent past throughout Northern Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

    In the years since Northern Africa was discovered to be “the richest patch of earth” due to large deposits of natural minerals that are needed to power computer technologies, over five million Africans, in just that region, have died as a result of war.

    The global elite have consistently used a strategy of arming and funding both sides of armed conflicts. While opposing populations kill each other off, they make off with their natural resources. When they confront a government that cannot be bribed or provoked into civil or regional war, they fund brutal death squads, attempt military coups and intimidate them by giving weapons to undemocratic neighboring regimes. If all that doesn’t work, they are declared a threat to national security and the US military, private contractors and NATO forces invade and occupy the country.

    These terrorist strategies are not limited to the Middle East and Africa, just ask our neighbors throughout Latin America about the School of the Americas. Contrary to popular belief, the horrendous torture techniques inflicted upon people in Abu Ghraib, Iraq were not an isolated incident. Many of those brutal torture techniques were developed over years by torturing innocent civilians throughout Latin America.

    The picture in Latin America today is one of inspiration. People throughout the region are rising up against the global corporate elite and claiming their rights and natural resources as their own, from Bolivia to Ecuador to Venezuela. This is another factor driving the “endangered oligarchy” into resorting to military desperation. The military coup in Honduras, the attempted coup in Venezuela, and the failed attempt to provoke Columbia and Venezuela into an armed conflict all clearly indicate where this situation is headed if the imperialist bankers get their way.

    The average American is dreadfully unaware of just how depraved these people are. The little regard they have for human life is beyond common comprehension.

    VIII: Private Military Complex

    The global elite have already used the “War on Terror” as a pretext to drastically increase military spending and build a massive private military and intelligence complex on the backs of the American taxpayer. According to an extensive report from the Washington Post, a stunning 1.2 million private contractors work in this complex. Most Americans are not aware that 69 percent of the soldiers deployed in our name are private contractors, and 80 percent of them are foreign nationals, meaning they are not even from the United States. Half of the people we have deployed in our name, who are funded by our tax dollars, are not even fighting for our country, they are fighting for a paycheck.

    Wars are a highly profitable racket, which gives an enormous incentive to keep them going. This is one of the reasons why the war in Afghanistan is now the longest war in US history. This system has led to a perpetual state of war. Military spending, although widely reported as being around $680 billion per year, is more accurately totaling over $1 Trillion per year. Of this staggering amount of annual spending, 25 percent of it goes unaccounted for, not counting the billions of our tax dollars lost to over-charging and all-out fraud.

    This private military complex has become so out of control that politicians are now forced to admit that they have no idea what is happening within it. As the Washington Post report revealed:

    “The top-secret world the government created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employs, how many programs exist within it or exactly how many agencies do the same work.

    These are some of the findings of a two-year investigation by The Washington Post that discovered what amounts to an alternative geography of the United States, a Top Secret America hidden from public view and lacking in thorough oversight. After nine years of unprecedented spending and growth, the result is that the system put in place to keep the United States safe is so massive that its effectiveness is impossible to determine.

    The investigation’s other findings include:

    * Some 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in about 10,000 locations across the United States.

    * An estimated 854,000 people, nearly 1.5 times as many people as live in Washington, D.C., hold top-secret security clearances.”

    There are so many unaccountable cells and competing factions within this complex, any one of them could go rogue and launch an attack on the US soil and make it look like another “terrorist” organization or nation executed it. This may sound too conspiratorial to the casual observer, but it would be stunningly naïve to think that in a massive complex like this, with so little oversight and accountability, given the huge sums of money at stake, that something tragic wouldn’t eventually occur. The implications are ominous, to say the least.

    We already had a proven act of internal domestic terror occur with the Anthrax attacks in 2001. It is not a stretch to think that any moves away from a state of permanent war, and any cut to military spending that would threaten the existence of many of the world’s largest and most powerful and profitable corporations, would result in an attack in hopes of inciting a military conflict. Former President Dwight Eisenhower’s warning against the “unwarranted influence” of the military industrial complex, and “the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power” pales in comparison to the modern private military complex. While many of these companies currently rely on US tax dollars, they are not part of the government, they are global private entities with their own interests at heart, similar to the Federal Reserve banking system. In fact, when you peel back the layers, many of these private military companies are funded by the global banking cartel.

    When you understand the forces behind war, you must acknowledge the words of famed two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient US Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler. He accurately summed up the situation when he said:

    “I spent 33 years in the Marines, most of my time being a high-class muscle man for big business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for Capitalism…. The general public shoulders the bill. This bill renders a horrible accounting. Newly placed gravestones, Mangled bodies. Shattered minds. Broken hearts and homes. Economic instability. Back-breaking taxation for generations and generations.”

    To give just two brief examples of how the banking cartel operates behind the scenes during wars, consider the following. The genocidal carnage in Northern Africa that killed over 5.4 million people was enthusiastically supported by the IMF and World Bank. In a news report entitled, “The Business of War in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” Dena Montague and Frida Berrigan explained:

    “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank have knowingly contributed to the war effort. The international lending institutions praised both Rwanda and Uganda for increasing their gross domestic product (GDP), which resulted from the illegal mining of DRC resources. Although the IMF and World Bank were aware that the rise in GDP coincided with the DRC war… they nonetheless touted both nations as economic success stories….”

    In another example of grotesque profiting off massive levels of death, banking cartel members made a fortune on the production of cluster bombs. The Guardian revealed the details:

    “The deadly trade in cluster bombs is funded by the world’s biggest banks who have loaned or arranged finance worth $20bn to firms producing the controversial weapons, despite growing international efforts to ban them.

    HSBC… has profited more than any other institution from companies that manufacture cluster bombs. The British bank… has earned a total of £657.3m in fees arranging bonds and share offerings for Textron, which makes cluster munitions…. Campaigners maintain the deadly weapons can explode years after combat, killing or maiming innocent people….

    Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan and UK-based Barclays Bank are also named among the worst banks [funding the production of cluster bombs]….

    Goldman Sachs, the US bank which made £3.19bn proft in just three months, earned $588.82m for bank services and lent $250m to [cluster bomb manufactures] Alliant Techsystems and Textron.”

    To sum all of this up, the global banking cartel and private military complex are a runaway virus that demands a permanent state of warfare. They are intrinsically parasitic in nature, they have devolved into a fascist enterprise that survives and profits off of destruction. If they don’t get a war, they will create one in the interest of their own self preservation. As former CIA Station Chief John Stockwell once explained: “Enemies are necessary for the wheels of the US military machine to turn.” This insight can now be extended to the global banking cartel. Enemies are now necessary for the wheels of the global banking cartel to turn.

    Under the cover of the “War on Terror” they have launched a massive campaign of violence abroad and have been systematically looting our economy and stripping of us civil liberties at home.

    So as the US and global population becomes more radical, and as the environment becomes more hostile, with increasingly limited natural resources, in a desperate attempt to maintain power the global banking cartel will escalate from economic attacks to worldwide military-based assaults. This is the clear path we are on - the road to World War III.

    IX: History Repeats Itself

    This may very well be a case of history repeating itself. Not to oversimplify an extremely complex situation, but this is all too similar to the origins of World War II. The looting of the masses by an unaccountable Wall Street elite led to the Great Depression and set the conditions for WWII. Desperate and impoverished populations increasingly supported more and more extreme leaders. The conditions are now so ripe for world war that Noam Chomsky has convincingly compared modern-day America to Weimar Germany prior to the outbreak of WWII. Research the history of pre-war societies and you will see for yourself how our current political environment fits historical precedent like a glove.

    As mentioned before, the roots of our current crisis can be directly traced back to the aftermath of World War II. In the ruins of WWII grew global institutions like the IMF and World Bank. It also gave us the National Security Act and the CIA. All were central and pivotal in creating the crisis which we are now confronted with.

    After analyzing our current crisis and studying well-established historical precedents, one must conclude that creating a world war is the last card the global bankers have left to play, other than conceding power, and history has taught us that the ruling class never concedes power. Of course the one-tenth of one percent of the global population hoarding our wealth could give back a significant amount of the $39 Trillion they looted from us (not counting what they have hidden in offshore accounts). That would certainly go a long way to fixing the crisis they have caused, but again, the ruling class has never conceded power, no matter how excessive and ill-gotten their gains.

    So brace yourself… unless we significantly change our present course, we are on the road to World War III.....