If the united States decided to occupy all the oilfields in Persian/Arabian gulf tomorrow, " Peak Energy 101 "

If the united States decided to occupy all the
oilfields in the Persian/Arabian gulf tomorrow,
" Peak Energy 101 ".
What strategic competitors would it have to
worry about now and in the future.?
The strategic competitors I am talking about, are
the ones that could replace the old soviet union,
as the number one global challenger the united
States would have on the global stage and scale...
When the oil in the Persian gulf is used up in real
terms, where and what will the United States
get its petroleum based energy from?

“Its all about oil”

In the early 70s, the US was 35% dependent upon foreign oil inputs. Today, it has grown to over 55% dependency. Why? Cheaper oil recovery in the Middle East, Nigeria, Russia, Venezuela, and other places. During the same time period, oil refineries in the US have been cut in-half. Additionally, since Three Mile event, US utilities have focused on the construction of lower cost natural gas Peaking unit power plants so they could maximize their profits. Now, the US is out of natural gas, exporting it, and attempting like crazy to develop new fields in Texas and Pennsylvania.

When the world demand for oil has significantly increased beyond existing supplies, mostly due to the US, an expanding China, and Southeast Asia, there is little wonder that existing supplies will not be sufficient to meet demands until about 2025. Meanwhile, The US must pursue new technologies, new resources, reignite the nuclear power option, promote conservation and development of green energy and because we as a crises management nation have put us behind the energy/GDP curve, there is no other choice but to provide security of our existing supply lines (i.e., providing for a stable middle East environment).

We have spent what will amount to $2 trillion and 4,000 lives, 30,000 casualties, and afflicted 34-40% of our men with PTSD so we could control $30 trillion worth of Anbar oil and the oil sheikhdoms in the region. All hell will break lose if we lose, Iran and the Chinese will move it, and we lose control of all that oil just as supplies are peaking..... What was the purpose of all this sacrifice if we bug out??!?!!!!

However, US policy must not ignore other world areas which can effect the strength of the US economy, trade, standard of living, and strength of the dollar related to other foreign currencies.

Whether we rise or fall; energy related country’s GDPs provide the nurturing environment for democracy, stability, and embetterment of the standard of living and living conditions.

The TONE of American leadership is VITALLY important. Under George Bush’s false claims and abrasive discursive diplomacy world-wide, America’s credibility has been severely damaged. The esteem America has earned over the years is a necessary diplomatic tool in terms of American adherence to international law and international institutionalism; a pseudo-hegemonic America under the Neocon flag breeds distrust and sews dissention around the world. A proactive foreign policy guided by true power sharing enhances the image of a benign hegemon. Since Russia is quickly erasing the unipolar image of America in a sea of petro dollars, unilateralism, never a reliable diplomatic tool, is losing all currency as well as relevancy in the current globalized international economy.The Bush Doctrine was ill-conceived and extremely reactionary in the current interdependent political environment. 9/11 was tragic but it does not advocate for a myopic approach to international relations.

“Its all about Oil”... and always will be OIL.

Wake Up People... This could happen Tomorrow.