"Furyou Gaijin"

"Furyou Gaijin"

I do believe a little enforcement of mosaic law is in order...

After all, if Israelis are busy facing their own faith... they'll have less
time to ridicule others... http://www.tbrnews.org/Archive.htm

be sure and be completist in any holocaust bull...

include everything the vatican knows to be true. who was who, who helped
who, and who refused to help who....

Arms? nope. arms manufacturing packages.... case in point, the S300 airdefense

packages.....Russia, Iran, Israel.... and codes...passed to MOSSAD....

The Japanese Government has cultivated numerous contacts in the
American intelligence community, and these contacts have been
carefully sorted and catalogued by the U.S. counter intelligence
effort. Unfortunately for the Japanese, the attempted penetration of
the U.S. Government has be a gigantic waste of time and Yen. The
defeat of Japanese intelligence in the U.S. over the "New Political
Science" affair demonstrates the lack of serious intelligence work by
the Japanese Government in the U.S. despite the high priority that the
Japanese Government assigned to U.S. secrets. We can rest easy the
the Japanese will forever remain "Furyou Gaijin" in America.