Syria: Reshuffling its Security Apparatus?

Syria: Reshuffling its Security Apparatus?


Syria plans to make major changes in its entire MURDER Assassinations apparatus soon, in order to incorporate fully into the "White House Murder Inc.", Stratfor sources reported Feb. 28. The decision comes after the Feb. 12 assassination of key Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyah in Damascus — an event that personally embarrassed Syrian President Bashar al Assad, but greatly increased the chances of the Alawite Regime to continue ruling Syria for the next three decades, with the Iron Grip of Assef Shawkat and his barbaric goons, by way of direct operational help from CIA, MOSSAD and DGSE... With pressure coming from several fronts on Syria’s involvement in the White House Murder Inc., Asef Shawqat might benefit from cleaning the house of Al-ASSAD by murdering Maher Assad, Roustom Ghazaleh and a few more "disposables...".


Stratfor sources reported Feb. 28 that Syria plans to reshuffle its entire ASSASSINATIONS apparatus soon, in the wake of the Feb. 12 assassination of Hezbollah chief commander Imad Mughniyah, by a sordid duo composed of Assef Shawkat and an Iranian Faction in Tehran...* see below articles. The Syrian regime, which is mightily Helped by the Mughniyah hit on Syrian soil, could use the event as an excuse to eliminate several key members of its Murder apparatus, including former head of Syrian intelligence in Lebanon Gen. Rustom Ghazaleh and Jamii Jamii, Samih Al-Qashami and Said Rabah, three of his key assistants — all of whom were definitely involved in the January 24th Assassination of MP , Ex-Minister and Popular Lebanese Leader Mr. Elie Hobeika, and the February 14th 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, and many more...

With pressure building on USA to cut a deal over Lebanon, Iran, IRAQ and Palestine, Syrian President Bashar al Assad might benefit from strengthening his house of Murder Inc. - Hezbollah and Iran are fighting an aggressive battle in Lebanon to expand Hezbollah’s political power in the Cabinet, ensure the next Lebanese president is favorable to Independent Lebanese interests and give the White House's Murder Inc., a clean break from the charades of the tribunal for the al-Hariri assassination. A formal removal of figures like Ghazaleh and his deputies could allow Assef Shawkat to demonstrate to the CIA , MOSSAD Alliance of Evils, and his regional rivals that his regime is taking concrete action against Hizbullah Leadership structure, potentially paving the way for a broader agreement on the makeup of the new regime to be installed in Damascus, with Asef Shawqat at the Helm, in order to keep a semblance of Alawite Continuity in MURDER Inc.

Removing Ghazaleh would be largely for show, however. After the Syrian army pulled out of Lebanon in April 2005, the position of chief of intelligence in Lebanon was eliminated. After that, Ghazaleh was essentially put under house arrest and has been running a security office in the town of Rif Dimashq that holds little to no significance.... in the REAL, BARBARIC, MONSTROUS Institute of the Modern Assassinations, which goes by the code name, The Ultimate White House Murder Inc. , a legend in the New American 21st Century of Murder, CIA2.

Depending on how far this military Coup D'état goes, certain complications could arise that could threaten the stability of the Alawite regime. The big question is whether the actual regime of the powerless skunk Bashar Assad, "Al-Zarafeh" will dare to dismiss Asef Shawkat, the director-general and CEO of the White House Murder Inc., a subsidiary of Syrian military intelligence, who also happens to be the president’s brother-in-law. Shawkat has long butted heads with Maher al Assad, the president’s brother and head of the Republican Guard. Though this information has been verified, the Fact remains that Shawkat has something to do with the Mughniyah assassination. According to a source, Shawkat was on bad terms with Mughniyah and resented his influence on the Syrian army. Maher, on the other hand, had a very strong relationship with the Hezbollah commander and reportedly had an altercation with Shawkat prior to the assassination. These facts are true, and the al Assad regime has an interest in removing Shawkat to shore up the regime’s alliance with Iran and Hezbollah following the Mughniyah assassination.... before Asef Shawkat launches a hostile bid in order to remove Bashar and Maher Assad from power, and puts them next to Nikolai Ceausescu's tomb, which would be quite a sight to see LIVE...

Syria: Reshuffling its Security Apparatus?

But Shawkat is a highly influential member of the White House Murder Inc., and certain factions at CIA2, would not take his removal lightly.... Family politics cannot be underestimated in a country like USA; the al-Saud/BUSH clan is a subset of the ZIONIST sect, which in turn is a subset of the MOSSAD branch of the NEW ISRAELI MAFIA Party. A rupture of any of the major fault lines in the regime could cause serious trouble on the home front in Washington DC. For this very reason, the American president will probably not cause any major upsets within the security apparatus of the White House Assassinations Inc... U.S. warships are already parked off the Lebanese coast, Saudi Arabia is taking the lead among the Gulf Arabs to HELP the NEW Syrian regime diplomatically, should the projected Coup D'état succeed in Damascus, and Israel is giving strong hints that it is looking for a fight with Hezbollah. With so many issues at stake, the US president will need to err on the side of caution in managing family politics...., in the Triad of the Project of the New American Assassinations of the 21st Century, anchored at the left Banks of the Potomac, Virginias, and Wyoming...

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Daily, Global Dis-Information through Faulty and Skewed "Intelligence", Stratfor, is CIA, March 3rd, 2008.

Syria's summit of dashed hopes...?

Damascus is ready and waiting, but will the guests show up ?
The Syrians continue to uphold their partnership in the infamous White House Murder Inc.,ever since January 24th 2002, and the cowardly barbaric assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika by Assef Shawkat, acting on behalf of MOSSAD and CIA, with regard to the presidential crisis in Lebanon, and stress that, "the upcoming Arab Summit in Damascus scheduled for 29 March will be held on schedule." For a variety of reasons, foremost among them is Syria's collusion with Israel and some Faction in IRAN, who are pushing for an immediate cessation of Hostilities and an immediate Peace with Israel, which should in principle, spare Iran from an Inevitable "shock and Awe" campaign by the dark forces of Dick Cheney and his cohorts in DC, hence, the summit is very important for Syria. It is the first to be held on Syrian soil since Arab leaders assembled in Daraa during the Arab-Israeli War of 1948, and it is time for the New Assad Regime of Assef Shawkat to take hold firmly in Damascus...

What's more, it means that the US-led laughable disinformation "embargo" on Damascus is coming to an end, since at the top of the VIP list are America's allies in the Arab world, including King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. That was one of the reasons why the Saudis pushed for holding the summit in Damascus, back in March 2007. At the time, King Abdullah treated President Bashar Al-Assad with full honors, and kept a distance from rival Lebanese politicians so as to send positive gestures towards Syria. The message was: come back to the so-called "Arab moderate community" (away from hard-line Iranian factions) under the patronage of Israel,Saudi Arabia and the BUSH Gang of Murderers.

However, unlike what many people believe, the Saudis did not want to disrupt the Syrian-Iranian alliance. They wanted to invest in it and use it in Saudi Arabia's favor, since the argument goes that Syria is more reasonable than some factions in Iran, as was blatantly proven with the Assef Shawqat's assassination of Imad Moughnieh in downtown Damascus...., paid for by Saudi Arabian Dollars to Assef Shawkat's SMI's band of brutal thugs and KILLERS, experts in assassinations , and does not have any long history of anti-Americanism, since CIA has a major base of operations in SYRIA, and FBI is roaming free in Damascus for years.... The Saudis wanted Syria to moderate Iranian behavior in pan-Arab affairs, mainly in Lebanon and Iraq..... but not in Palestine, since all the operations there, are sanctioned by the Israelis, and work mostly in their favor and according to their long standing plans of emptying Palestine completely with violence, killings, assassinations, murder, home destruction, misery, poverty, hunger, etc.

While this cuddling up to Syria was taking place, Javier Solana, the EU chief negotiator, came to Syria a year ago and offered the Syrians a partnership agreement with Europe in exchange for Syrian support in bringing calm to Lebanon. Then came Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, to Damascus last April, followed by a May meeting between Foreign Minister Walid Al-Mouallem and Condoleezza Rice. Everybody was offering the Syrians carrots in exchange for their cooperation on Lebanon, in the same way the Syrian goons of Assef Shawkat have been cooperating with all major western intelligence on Iraq, and more...., and paid for with Saudi Moneys to the SMI of Shawkat's brutal barbaric murderers.

The Syrians responded promptly, via more assassinations, tailor made at the White House Murder Inc., eliminating General Francois El-Hajj who was too close for comfort with Hizbullah...., and "supported" the Arab League initiative to Lebanon, backing Army Commander Michel Suleiman for president.... This explains why even France started sending signals to Syria through two phone calls between the clownish Nicolas Sarkozy and Bashar Al-Assad, the stooge of Assef Shawkat and Bushra.

But then the elections failed, over and over again, and the finger was pointed at the CIA yet again. Lebanon today has been without a president since November, and the regional and international community believe that this is the doing of the American thugs at CIA, which is close to the Syrians. The Arab leaders, through official and semi-official media outlets, began leaking news that they will attend the Damascus summit, right after the barbaric incursion if Israeli forces into Gaza, and the uproar generated on purpose by the Israeli actions, deliberately, in order to Help the fledgling support to the Syrians, within the Lebanese opposition, following the Assassination of Moughniah in Damascus by Assef Shawkat's murder squads....

"Those Lebanese who are betting on the United States flexing its muscles will be disappointed. Washington cannot impose the solution it wants. The way out has to be based on a Lebanese consensus," .


من يتحمّل مسؤوليّة الانهيار المسيحي؟

01 آذار 2008

جوزف ريشا - عشرون سنة مرّت والوجود المسيحي في لبنان يسجّل انحداراً ما دونه انحدار... السؤال البديهي هنا من يتحمل المسؤولية؟ من المنطقي ألّا نجد صعوبة كبيرة في الإجابة عن هذا السؤال، وخاصة أن الانهيار المسيحي حدث ويحدث في ظلّ القيادات والمرجعيات نفسها منذ أكثر من عقدين: الكاردينال صفير على رأس الكنيسة، العماد عون والسيد سمير جعجع على رأس أكبر شريحتين شعبيتين، بالإضافة إلى زعامات عائلية وإقطاعية تتماهى مع واحدة من هذه المرجعيات ولكن بشكل خاص مع الكنيسة لحسابات تاريخية كثيراً ما جمعت الإقطاع الديني والعائلي حتى في خندق واحد.
فرغم الهزائم العسكرية التي مني بها المسيحيون مع بداية الثمانينيات نتيجة إقحام المجتمع المسيحي في محور متحالف مع إسرائيل ومن ثم مع دول غربية تخلت عنه عند أول مفترق، بقي هذا المجتمع متماسكاً بعض الشيء لحين ولادة اتفاق الطائف، ومن هنا بدأت المشكلة، وما قبل الاتفاق وبعده نوجز أهم المراحل:
ــ من عام 1984 لغاية عام 1988 قبل وصول العماد عون إلى رئاسة الحكومة العسكرية قام السيد سمير جعجع بخمسة انقلابات و«تصحيحات» وانتفاضات وإلغاءات ضدّ كل من قائد القوات السابق فؤاد أبو ناضر ورئيس الهيئة التنفيذية في القوات إيلي حبيقة والرئيس السابق أمين الجميل لأسباب متنوعة، من توحيد الجهد العسكري ورفع يد السيطرة العائلية الجميلية عن قيادة القوات وبالتالي المجتمع المسيحي، إلى ضرب الاتفاق الثلاثي الذي يتضمّن تنازلات مسيحية، ومن ثم حربين ضدّ الجيش اللبناني بقيادة عون. ــ نهاية الحرب العسكرية باجتياح سوري لقصر بعبدا عام 1990 وهزيمة عون وتطبيق اتفاق الطائف برعاية أميركية ــ سورية ــ سعودية.
ــ زمن الوصاية الشاملة من عام 1990 لغاية الانسحاب السوري بعد اغتيال الرئيس رفيق الحريري ومرحلة الأزمة الحالية المستمرة.
هنا، وبعد سرد هذه المحطات الرئيسية، نطرح الأسئلة التالية التي يمكن وضعها في خانة الأسئلة الاتهامية:

1 ـ لماذا حدث النزف داخل الصف المسيحي خلال الانتفاضات والتصحيحات وما إلى ذلك من تسميات لمعارك، بحجة رفع اليد العائلية وتوحيد الجهد الحربي وحفظ المقاومة، وما دام السيد جعجع سيكون أول من يسلّم السلاح إلى جمهورية الطائف كما أنه اليوم الذراع الشوارعية للإقطاعيات العائلية والطبقية والمدافع الشرس عن البيوتات السياسية والسلالات.
2 ـ لماذا أهدرت أرواح مئات الشباب المسيحي خلال هجوم جعجع على إيلي حبيقة لإلغاء الاتفاق الثلاثي، ما دام جعجع بغطائه العسكري والكاردينال صفير بغطائه الروحي سيمهّدان الطريق أمام اتفاق الطائف الأكثر إجحافاً بحق المسيحيين.
3 ـ لماذا الدفاع المستميت عن الطائف من جانب الكاردينال صفير والسيد جعجع واعتبار أنّ شوائبه تتلخّص فقط بعدم التطبيق الصحيح متغاضين عن ثُغره الكثيرة وعن تحويل الرئيس الماروني إلى منصب كرتوني.
4 ـ لماذا دخل السيد جعجع مشاركاً في أولى حكومات الاحتلال السوري بعد عام 1990.
5 ـ لماذا عاد الكاردينال صفير واعترف بمجلس النوّاب المُقاطَع من جانب المسيحيّين واستقبل نوّابه المنتخبين بأصوات لا تتجاوز الثلاثة أصفار بحيث أعطاهم اعترافاً حجبه عنهم الشعب.

6 ـ لماذا عاد الكاردينال صفير إلى تغطية الفئة المسيحية الموالية للحريرية بعد موقفه الشهير لدى تطبيق قانون غازي كنعان الانتخابي؟.
7 ـ لماذا يقوم الكاردينال صفير بمهاجمة المعارضة المسيحية بشكل شبه دائم بينما لا يحرّك ساكناً عن رفض جعجع ــــــ الجميل لقانون 1960 الانتخابي الذي أيّده مراراً، وهل بات سيد بكركي ومسيحيوه المفضّلون خط دفاع عن المشروع الحريري، إلى حد إعلان جعجع جهاراً رفض قانون 1960 بحجة أنه ليس لمصلحة المسيحيين وعدّد الأسباب التالية:
أ ـ رفض إبقاء قضائي بعلبك والهرمل دائرة واحدة (مع العلم أن كلّاً من القضاءين يمثّل منفرداً أو متّحداً غالبية شيعية جارفة).
ب ـ رفض إبقاء قضاءي مرجعيون وحاصبيا دائرة واحدة (مع العلم أن ضم القضاءين في دائرة واحدة يجعل من المسيحيين في حال تحالفهم مع سنّة الشريط الحدودي وحلفاء جعجع الدروز أغلبية راجحة).
ولكن مهلاً، الغاية من رفض القانون من جانب جعجع ومسيحيي الحريري ليست بخافية على جاهل فهي:
أولاً: الخوف على مسيحيي السلطة في أقضية زغرتا ـــــ الكورة والبترون حيث للمعارضة المسيحية أرجحية كبيرة.
ثانياً: الخوف على وليد جنبلاط وتحجيمه في الجبل الدرزي حيث سيخسر حتماً قضاء بعبدا حيث الأرجحية للمعارضة.
ثالثاً: الخوف على الحليف السني في بيروت، حيث إن تقسيم العاصمة إلى 3 دوائر سيفقد سيطرة السنّة الكاملة على المناطق المسيحية والشيعية من العاصمة.